Blogging Seminar

Thursday, June 24, 2010

When my constant-Anagon Collection buyer Megann texted me about a blogging seminar, I was soooo thrilled! I really wanted to attend one, and listen to speakers' tips on blogging. But then she actually invited me as a SPEAKER! :D

I thought June 25 is still far, but then I realized that days do fly so fast, and tomorrow is THE day already! I don't know what topics or stories to talk about in this speaking engagement, especially when I just read a twit from a famous local writer/editor that "Note to writers: It's usually a good thing to not talk about yourself in your article. You're not as important as you probably think you are"

"And I say that as a reader, not an editor."

In my past speaking engagements--but as a Young Entrepreneur or as online seller(!!!), I LOVE to share my experiences. Sometimes, I speak too much of details, hoping people will be inspired. I am afraid I might bore people tomorrow, so I guess I have to make my "speech" 50/50: half stories, half tips. Or if possible, 1/4 stories, 3/4s tips! =D

The past days when I go to bed and do that "thinking-things-through-before-sleeping" thing, I actually tried to recall the speakers who talked too much of themselves, did it interest me as a viewer? What speeches or seminars made my mind roam somewhere else because the topic is interesting, the speaker is not? Also, of course, I recalled the best lectures or the talks I had been to..those that made the mark right here ---> <3. Haha!

But anyway, isn't it that blogging is all about sharing (and sometimes, over-sharing!) ones own life and stories? ;p That's why I find blogs interesting, when I get to know others based on what they post! :) Maybe this is an exception! :-) I am so nervous (yet excited too!) for tomorrow, hope I wouldn't bore people to-death for an hour! Any tips of what I should tackle??? :-) 

PS: I love the poster they made for this! :) Thanks Megann! It's super creative!
PPS: Thanks again Megann, it makes me feel that I'm a certified Blogger (with the capital B! hah!) when I was invited to talk about blogging! Wow! Hehe! ;p 


  1. oohh nice.. i would have loved to attend that!! :D sounds like a great event!! goodluck!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. Thanks Libys!! :) Super excited, for later na sya! :D one last practice! ;p

  3. Good luck sis! I'm sure you'll do great! :)

  4. Wow! That's cool Anna! I know some people from Writer's Guild. Would love to hear your talk but I can't unfortunately. :'(

  5. WOw, congratulations. I am curious about your experience. And I think it is so inspiring hearing personal stories instead of facts only

  6. wow congrats... good luck to you!

  7. Ganda... di ako na-bored... nag-enjoy ako... :D
    Yung pictures po? hahahaha

  8. Good luck with everything, Anagon.
    You are doing a great.
    Have a lovely weekend.


  9. krissy: thank you so much sis!!! :) that means alot, coming from great blogger like you!! :)

    ashley! really?? :) friends from highschool? :) thats so small world! and thank you so much!!

    nathalie: i took your word and still shared my stories ;) =)

    krislyn: thanks sis! :)

    BJ: yehey! :) nice to hear that! i super love dlsu! you guys are super nice, thank you a!! :)

    tywo! :) thanks so much! hope you had a great weekend too, love! :) i hope that "change" you blogged was for the best! :)


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