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Thursday, June 24, 2010

If you stare long enough,Jul 6, '08 1:57 PM
for everyone think you’ll finally see what you’ve been looking for?

Would your eyes adjust, just like in the dark, as long as you keep them there, glaring, watching, looking intently, not necessarily searching . . .

Would you realize what is lacking?
Or what is it you will die for?
Or what is there ahead of you?

I think I am losing touch with the world, and forgot about dreaming.
You think it’s all there in the heavens, staring back at me? ;-)


July 14, 2008

There really is, I believe, a thin line bordering the heavens from the earth.
The one you saw, or have evanescently seen that fateful day, in the Summer of Healing.

While people were consumed, too busy being busy—
Right in front of you,
The momentary collapsing of the boundary that separates us from the gods.


Maybe if I had tilted my camera just a little bit,Jul 7, '08 12:15 PM
for everyone
Then, I would have seen the whole picture.
Maybe she has a companion.
Someone beside her, to share The Beautiful.

Or maybe, she really was alone.

Basked in the sun, with the company of her self.

“Am I lonely? Is being alone tantamount to sadness?”

Maybe she was alone.

And maybe,

She was happy.


  1. Wow, these are some of my favorite blogs in your Multiply sis! Grabe, ang tagal na nating friends! <3

  2. Krissy: SOBRA! :) Wala lang, katuwa noh!?? :) Love you sis! :)
    Kasia: thanks so much!!!


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