Chictopia Invasion

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Anagon Red Fringe Necklace

Anagon Gray Fringe Necklace 

Anagon Chains Sash

Anagon Body Harness

Anagon Denim Fringe Necklace

These amazing people placed my brand ANAGON in the wonderful, crazy, and super fashionable online world of Chictopia! :-)

Thank you Kookie, Lissa, and Karl! :) <3
(Check out their cool fashion blogs!!! They are definitely must-follow!)


I am stuck at home since Monday (that's a total of THREE looong days for me! ;p), organizing and making moreeee stuff for my online shop. I usually peak on sales from October to January, because my clients aren't limited to the girls and to their self-shopping, but also to guys, mommies, and to the girls buying some items for their friends on their Christmas shopping list! =) 

Although June can be a bad time for the biz, I realized that with the right items, people will still notice--and order! :-) I hope I can get more and more inspired to make interesting things for everyone: because as I've read from a book before, you don't just sell what is "in" as of the moment, but that which people haven't seen and will find interesting. Or something like that. Or did I just made this up? =D Haha!


  1. love, congratulations! i love all 3 bloggers and its good to see your work on them. i'm also working on my new line (since i love diying so much), so hope that works well!:)

    more power!


  2. Thanks so much Eden! :) The 3 are really cool local fashionistas noh? :) Goodluck with you DIYing and hope to see you more online! :)

  3. cool and lovely pics i like this blog its really interesting

  4. Oh wow! You go girl!!!
    Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!
    I'm having such a lazy day. I called in to work for no reason, and here I am complaining about feeling useless. haha


  5. knk: thanks so much :)

    tywo! :) thanks! :) That's so funny of you, dont we just have complicated minds, we can't stay in one place when we're bored, but we complain of our laziness when there's so much to do! :D <3!


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