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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Back in high school, I was part of the art club for four consecutive years, and was even elected (from sheer luck) as president in my senior year. The biggest project of the Art Club was making the huge backdrops for the annual high school dance and concert. Those were the days pre-tarpaulin printing! ;p

One time, I joined a contest via Art Club: a Faber Castell sponsored drawing contest. I made a Van Gogh-ish portrait, which sadly I can't find right now in my messy room. I was a really shy kid that when the sign of those who qualified for the next level of the contest was posted, I just scanned the paper fast and left feeling I lost. Turns out my name was there! ;p I let the moment pass.

In my senior year, I joined another art contest in school, along with other high schoolers. This time, it was sponsored by the Music Department of our school's college, and we were asked to draw on the spot with craypas (oil pastels) on a huge illustration board...face to face, and complete with easel feeling like a real painter. ;-) They played a music and we were asked to interpret it through our artwork. I won second best, but I loved the experience! (The prize, btw, was a photo album...haha!)

The last art contest I remembered joining was the design-your-own slippers sponsored by Banana Peel. My friends knew this contest by heart because I was a fresh grad then, jobless, and then I won P20k instantly for bagging the first place. I immediately got myself a personal computer (still the one I am using right now, haha!).

This year, I joined Shopwise's art contest, where you'll purchase a P75 cavass bag from their grocery, and design it with the theme "Pinoy" celebration of Philippine Independence Day-slash-back to school for the students. What attracted me to join was the canvass bag. ;p And also, the posters around the grocery saying "win as much as P100, 000!"--which I discovered online will be split amongst the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placers. ;) Still, not bad!

Raw materials and art tools...

I made this:
They asked us for a bag title. I wrote: Bayan. Bayani. Bayanihan. (country, hero, united in helping--is this even the English of bayanihan???)

National symbols and icons..and local materials like shells, bead works, and abaca.

Abaca-pocket, Philippine flag, and the 7 people for bayanihan symbolizes the 7, 107 islands of the country. =)

Front the form of a bahay kubo (nipa hut)

Side pockets

Pilipinas Kong Mahal = Philippines that I love

Flag colors

With my van gogh-ish uh "trademark"? :D

There were lots of other good entries, so I am just leaving everything to prayers. =)
Please do pray for me too, it's something that I strongly believe in. (group prayers) =)

Oh! If you're also one artsy fartsy blogger, you might be interested in a Blogger Art Exchange Project. It's like the chain-mail thing we did as a kid, exchanging stickers to a person on "the list". :D But instead, we exchange small works of art. =) Email me if interested! :) (

Ciao! :)


  1. oh so cool! Really love the flip flops and the backpack is really extraordinary. I wish you good luck and think you have a good chance of winning this :)

  2. Thanks Nathalie!! :) Hoping for the best! :)

    Journal of Gossip Girl: Welcome to the blogging world! Good luck! :) I'm going to drop by your site :)

  3. All these are very cool!
    I hope you win!


  4. Thanks so much tywo!!! :) hoping for the best! :)


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