I got the call!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I was making some accessories yesterday, when...I GOT THE CALL! :D

It registered "private number" in my cellphone, and I felt right away that it was THE call for the contest! The lady behind the line looked for me, and told me she's from Shopwise, and told me I got the second place of Shopwise Alabang branch! :D I was ecstatic! But the lady held up my excitement by telling me that physical presence in Shopwise Cubao is necessary this Sunday for final judging. What was that again? :D Hahaha!

I asked if the "second place of Shopwise Alabang branch" has guaranteed prize already (yep, that's the biggest concern in life, haha!)...and she told me she wasn't told anything about this by the management. Bummer. Haha! :D told me that there's a reason for that call, and most probably P5k worth of groceries wouldn't be a bad prize huh??? :D Haha!

I was in my room when I hung up the call...and, as said awhile ago, I was making some accessories when my phone rang...I was actually glue gun-ning piece then, and my hands were shaking after I got the message...I was afraid I might touch the heated part of the glue gun! ;p Haha! Wish me luck this Sunday, hope the turnout of things is to my advantage. This single call made me hear God and the angels in heaven celebrating with me (complete with tambourine, confetti, and blaring trumpets ;)), so THANK YOU Lord for giving me this gift of creating artworks--all for You! :-)

What I was making before the call:

A bejeweled multi-purpose double brooch! :-)
Ain't old school just the sweetest style? <3


  1. I love this on the blazer. inspired now!

  2. congrats, ms. ana! the bag is indeed fab! very patriotic i love!!:)

    and wow new pieces for anagon?? CUTE!!!

  3. yes ava! :) thank you so much! :) to more artworksss :) <3!

  4. Congratulations!!!! That's awesome!
    I hope you get a prize. I like the brooch a lot.


  5. this one is classic. love how it matches the blazer.

    good luck!

  6. tywo: thanks so much! :) i really really hope so, hihi! :)

    bianca: thank you! :) Glad that blazers are back (since it's raining already)...but super init parin noh?? ;p

  7. agree! but as they say- you have to sacrifice for the right fashion.hahaha! i am also getting addicted to trench coats. which is worst than blazers sa init.Lmao

  8. Rose: Salamat aaa!!!:)

    Bianca: Hahahaha! :D Grabe, lalo pag nagcommute siguro super eye-catching pag trench!! But super <3 sila! ;p I used to wear trench with pants on debuts ng friends ko (way back, haha)...pacool lang kasi formal tapos naka pants ako hahaha!


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