A Piece of Me .... In June 2010

Monday, June 07, 2010

Oops! I missed out again on this monthly blogging thing (first Sunday of the month, haha!)
Anyway, the rules are here: Click!


I Like: That it's a fresh new month! :) And it's rainy season once again here in my country! Can't wait to wear cover-ups again. =D

I don't like: I can't think of anything except that sweet summer is officially over! =p For the students: It's back to school already!

I want you to know: That we will have a big high school reunion by the end of June! :D AND with the presence of our dearest physics teacher in senior year! :D

I may not be the biggest fan of Physics, and Mrs. F was known as terror professor in St Scho, but we love her so much--and I am sooo excited to see everyone again in such a spur of the moment planning!!! :D

I've Planned: To go all out with Anagon! Since June is the start of classes, and my market is high school and college students....this means = the girls will have allowance again to buy more accessories from me! :-D (I really love my girls. :))

I want to say to someone special: Happy Father's Month! I love you dad! :)


  1. You are wonderful.
    Have fun at your reunion. I think we have a HS reunion in December. I can't wait.
    I like June. I was born on the 19th of this awesome month! :)
    Have a lovely Monday.


  2. Yey! :D I always wonder why movies portray reunions as scary or pretentious, but when you grew up with the best people in highschool, every reunion is something to look forward to! :)
    have a greatgreat birthday month tywo!!!:)

  3. Oh wow reunions are ALWAYS fun! :)

  4. excited nako sis haha! :D they havent figure out the schedule pa though, but atleast may planning!! :) :)


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