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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Meet up around Metro Manila today! :) One is a lunch break with my old college friends in Shang, then with Ava in DLSU, then with some suppliers, then with Bea and Mheems for a magazine feature, then with Gan, an old time buyer whose wedding is next year and wanted a meeting with me for her reception favors! (yey!) What a busy day, but I'm sitting right here infront of my PC checking for updates and business inquiries. :D Woke up earlier than my alarm, proving the cliche saying related to more worm-snatchin' for the early birds! ;D Haha!

Anyway, yesterday was a BIG day for my country as we finally have a new president. His inauguration was a success (I think) as more people suddenly liked him or at least people are now more accepting that he is our president, and not go bitter that their candidate lost. His speech I guess made a mark on people. Oh, and he wanted to be called, instead of President, as PNoy (a sort of smash of words: how our countrymen is called "Pinoy" + his name, which is Noy)...and I read an entry by sportscaster slash fellow former Candy writer Lia Cruz on how this term "is so poetic, it's a little scary"
and that "Whatever this new administration has in store for us, for better or for worse, let us not forget that "PINOY" is not spelled "PNoy." The "I" makes all the difference."

Captured all I wanted to say! I love Candymag writers! =) Anyway, our barkada (group of friends) facebook Top News contain this epic picture of the mom of one of our friends (Geo!), who was caught on cam with baby Bella during the inauguration! Hahaha! To think the one who took this screencap lives in the US already. Wow pang international na si Tita Brenda! Woot!

I have more Top News involvement from last night's hyper facebook public wall posting with Ana and Alli--who celebrated her birthday also yesterday! :-) Other than that big fun chaos (hehe), I really love Abi's status on her dream of being in a reunion with us, wearing our high school uniforms! :D She already lives in US, so this came out reallyreally aww-infested, hehe! :D

That's it for my morning intrawebbing! Hope you have a nice day!!! :-)


  1. thanks again ms, ana for meeting up with me at taft mrt!:) love my goodies as usual!

  2. Yehey thank you Ava!!! :) Ang cute talaga nun hinug ako ni Athan super natouch ako ang cuuuute! hehehehe! :D thank youu! :)

  3. First, I love your new layout!!!
    I'm happy for your country. The president of my real country(Nigeria) did a few months ago. I don't know if the vice-president stepped in. I hope all goes well for them.
    Anyway, I think I need a lunch meeting with my friends too. :)
    Have a great day.


  4. Aww thank you Tywo! :) I hope it's not too dizzying with all the fuzzy gadgets on both sides, plus the busy background, haha! :D Thank you! :) I appreciate that you like it! :)
    And i hope all is well with the whole world too! :)


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