Till I Hear It From You

Friday, July 02, 2010

As posted in former entry, I went on a lunch date with my college friends awhile ago in Shang Mall. We ate at Sumosam and had kwentuhans on stuff like past jobs, current jobs, the Forever 21 opening in Manila tomorrow, and the big sales of brands such as Topshop and Zara! :D I love talking with Mel, Jam and Nizzi. We weren't even in one barkada (except Mel and Nizzi)...But we enjoy each other's company. We 4 just love SHOPPING and TRAVEL!!! :) Jam bought items from my online shop too, and we talked about her current trip to Vietnam-Cambodia. 

Vintage chic Mel and Jam with her Anagon paper bag of purchase! :) Hehe!

Sailor yours-truly, and boho Niz! :-)

It's scary when I heard a news from my last stop for the day (Greenbelt 5 for dinner meeting with the buyer who is about to get married!), my buyer told me that around 4pm a dentist jumped in Shang Mall's 6th Floor! And I got a confirmation of this news through Twitter. Sorry if the photo is too brutal, I just can't believe I was there a few hours before the incident. And in the car on my way home, my dad and I were even conversing personal stories on people with suicidal attempts...And the importance of having strong faith. And then this news came about. =S


On a lighter note, I also got hold of the new Candymag with my accessories featured on some pages (thank you thank you so much to Marla, Margaux, Angel and the whole team!!!), plus Marla's new book. =) I am so excited about it coz it revolves around a coffee shop. :) Don't we just love that place and it's rich coffee-pastry aroma? :) I want to live in a coffee shop haha! 

I texted Marla that even with just reading the back cover summary, Table for Two excites me already! :D I congratulated her too, and she thanked me and hopes I enjoy reading it. =) Marla is one of my favorite local writers. I am super duper impressed with her style of writing, plus Marla is someone who is super humble of her achievements. . =) I can't wait to read this new novel!

I also met up with Ava awhile ago in EDSA station, and it's the first time I saw her son Athan. He's super cute and adorable! Ava kept saying "say hiiii!" and Athan was looking at me, then he suddenly hugged me! :) Imagine a small boy hugging your knees, it's too cute, I was lost for words. =) I love kids! <3 Ava also posted about my online shop just today, I think this is just the sweetest achievement and motivation for an online seller!

Lastly, as I was checking my Twitter account, I noticed that I acquired a new follower. When I checked out who was it, it turns out to be GIN BLOSSOMS!!! I know that I just followed them and they might just have followed back, but hell, local celebs don't just follow back their followers!!! :D I love them so much!

Anyway, I followed the band because of the news that they're coming over Manila! :D

I can't believe it, but till I hear it from them...oh heart attack! :D Hahaha!

I don't want to take advice from fools
I'll just figure everything is cool
Until I hear it from youuuu.... =) 


  1. Wow! There are so many events in Manila lately! So sad for the dentist though!

    PS I just love everything you bought!

    Cawaii Lover

  2. Wow, Ms. Marla has a new book! Cool! :)
    Kamusta po ang book?

  3. ms. ana! hehe thanks again and athan loves you! hehe oh, i wore the necklace to f21's opening! hehe

  4. Ashley: Thanks Ashley! Hope to see you when you visit mla again! :)

    Nadine: Maganda! But i just started with the first few pages, cool talaga writing style ni Marla, she has a tone of her own ;) hehe!

    Ava: Weeee thanks Ava! Ang cute talaga nun moment na yun, sa gitna ng stress hehe! :D And wow F21! Ill be back when the hype goes down! Super nice store!!

  5. I'm a Gin Blossoms fan myself since college,=)Love Love them=)They sing the most heartbreaking songs (they know how to pull our hearts strings,=)


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