If the whole outfit is below P500 (or $11)

Monday, July 12, 2010

I have to quote a requote quote by Maye (hahah, did that make sense?), a blogger and buyer of mine:

Bryanboy“For the true fashionista the success of wearing something isn’t Oh she’s wearing Chanel. It’s Where did you get that? - Cecilia Pagkalinawan of - Maye of (oh citations! :) hehe)

So today was an on-the-go day, and nothing beats going out there meeting people of all sorts in style. I also regarded that I am comfortable since I commute (rode a tricycle, jeep, bus, train, train again, another connecting train, jeep, jeep going back to the train1 and train2, bus, bus going back, and then my dad's car!...all just for today, haha! :D) ... Plus the endless heat of these times calls for something easy breezy, and so this outfit:

What I am most proud of is that the whole ensemble is worth (barely) P500 ($11) only! :D The gray-and-white stripes top is from a department store, on sale at P150 ($3) only. Blue shorts is a thrift find for only P35 ($.77)! :) Brown belt is taken from the closets of my dad, my gold bracelet was my grandma's, while my blue rose necklace I just made (I also sell a similar one in my online shop if youre interested! ;)). The comfy red flats that didn't fail in my walkathon was bought for P150($3) only! ;p

Love Anagon Ring - Something new from my online shop! :) At P150 only! ($11)

My blue rose necklace with faux pearls strap lend an old romantic feel to my outfit. :)

Gold Bow Earrings - my sister's Forever21 purchase. It came from a set of other dainty earrings like buds and pearls, but I liked these cute bows--which my ate incidentally wasn't really fond of! Yey for giveaway! ;) Haha!

I went to Summit for another Anagon feature (yehey), and then met up with several people (suppliers and buyers)...around 6 people all in all. Then since I finished earlier than I expected (everyone was on-time! ILoveIt!), I went to my friend Ana's office for my late lunch and coffee break (for ana)...then I went to the mall to wait for my dad so I can have a free (and comfy) ride home. While waiting for dad to go off from work, I window-shopped like crazy, as if my feet weren't tired from the whole day's walking. I acquired 3 tops and 2 pairs of leggings! ;p I know! Shopaholic is now a common "illness"--everyone's gone soooooo fashion forward! I have to say I LOVE IT though it causes so much pain (in the pockets)! ;D Hah!

When my dad called me that he's on his way to the mall already, and will be there by 30 minutes, I claimed my HUGE bag from the baggage counter (thank God for this mall service--my back is hurting already from my oversize bag!). Walking towards the mall's exit, I saw my barkada Chickie!! She stayed with me outside the mall to wait for my dad so we can catch up!!! :) I miss you BB!!! :)

My feet's aching right now, I am super happy that the next few days I'll have my rest days .. I love my "job"! ;p


  1. Love your job talaga! :)

    I love your outfit, shocks. I'm getting all worked up to do the same. Hehe. :)

  2. I love every jewelry in this post. And your blue skirt is beautiful. You are beautiful.
    I hope you had a great Monday.


  3. Yay for shopping!!! I missed shopping for clothes, it's been almost three months since I last shopped (for clothes,) currently investing on accessories just because I lack of it... wish Anagon Collection's near though! I love your necklace!

  4. MM: Cant wait for your outfit postsss!!! :) weee!! :D werk-et! :D hahaha!

    Tywo: Same to you! :) Stay beautiful! Your blog is a wonderland, heehee, i love the photos and background music i enjoy visiting your page :) :) <3

    Ashley!shopping is therapy! ;) heehee! girls are hoarding since forever haha!
    Weee thank you! :) coming from someone who live in fashionable Japan, WOW! :) :)

  5. I love your earrings! Hay until now I haven't been able to visit F21 pa, kailangan mag-save up talaga for Singapore x_x

  6. Aww sis! When's your SG nga pala??? Asking coz my ate and i have a trip there tooooo at sya may friends na sinama ako WALA daya hahaha! ;p


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