A Piece of Me .... In July 2010

Monday, July 05, 2010

I Like: That it's the birthday of my dearest college friend Marlene!!! :) I will never forget her day since she used it as username for her site before, haha! 07/17! :) I miss her, hope we can hangout or something on her birthday! It's also the birthday of my high school friend Icah, who now lives a happy married life in the States! I miss her!

With Icah, I think this was her last Christmas party here in Pinas. =p

With Marlene, college days where even my Zagu was treated by a friend coz I dont have money! :D

I don't like: I don't want to be negative, so I have to say there's nothing to not like!!! :) THINK POSITIVE! Hehehe!
I want you to know: That I finally found a hat similar to the one I lost a month ago!!! :D And the best part is that I found it at half the price of the original hat, and on the depressing day I left Forever 21 because of it's cruel lines. Hahaha! :D I thought to myself while on a spacious counter of the store where I got my crowd whatsoever: THIS is retail therapy! :)

This was the hat I lost before, haha! :D 
I'll never plan on selling you again new hat!!! :D

I've Planned: To lose some weight? And, just a random plan...I want to learn how to save!!! And make longterm plans! Haha!

I want to say to someone special: Happy birthday and I love you Mommy Marlene and Own-World Icah!!! I miss you both!

On a totally unrelated note, I found these pics while looking for photos with Marlene. :) It was on one of her birthdays during college..and we wanted to give her a surprise party in Chai's condo. Being the late girl that she was, we ended up just spoiling the surprise for her coz she's already an hour late! We were afraid she wouldn't show up, haha!

A poster we made. =) No tarps yet during that time, old school <3

Old school decor: crepe papers! :p

Played cards to pass time!


We were super hungry already, I ate the egg.


Eating time!!!

Hehehe happy birthday Marlene! :) How old are you now? Hahahah!


  1. You are so beautiful, and lovely.
    I love this post, and your photos.
    Have a lovely weekend, my dear.


  2. Wow, happy birthday Marlene! :)


  3. tywo thank you! :) it was from my awkward college years! :D hihi! thanksie!!!

    emskyyy i miss youuuu! onga bday month na ni marleneee!! :D

    ashley thanksie! :D hahaha! :D i look sabaw! =) haha!


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