"To Whom It May Concern:"

Monday, July 05, 2010

Please excuse my daughter, Ana Regina M Gonzales, for being absent yesterday July 5, 2010, due to intestinal flu....

Mom and I were joking around writing my "excuse letter" while having merienda (snacks) late afternoon.

I unbelievably got sick today. I woke up and felt the scrunching pain in my tummy. The last time I felt this was in grade school, when I was asked by my doctor to stop my daily coke slurpy+oily hash brown fix. I loved those junk foods, and always buy them with my measly baon (allowance)! :D But I stopped drinking soft drinks since because I was acidic! ;p

Anyway, this reminded me and my mom on the times when my sisters and I got sick before, and have to be absent for school! She'll write a letter to the teacher,--a letter she actually just "patterned" as to how her dad will write an excuse letter for her before. :D

I don't know the source yet, but this pain made me sleep-off the day...Never fully awake except for lunch, then slept again while thunders rumbled in the background. I tried to forget my agendas: snip-snapping more cloths for new fringe collection, and take photos of new accessories. Woke up at around 4 pm or 5 already, I forgot. But at least the pain subsided. :-)

Here are new things I was able to post in my online shop awhile ago:

Candymag July Feature! :-) 

I have to thank Marla, Angel and Margaux! :-) I also love it that Anagon graces even fashion editorial pages! I pray for more of these in the future!!! More photos here.

I was also able to upload pictures of my new rings, necklaces, and brooch late afternoon already. I realized that ever since I was a student, I hate being absent as long as I can still go to school even though I am sick. I guess they're right about forgetting about formulas or historical dates and names, but never the values like discipline and doing your best in school. They're things that hang-along with you till you are working already! :)

I kind-of feel much better now. :) Hope tomorrow will be a good day, and I'll be more productive. Thank God for self-employment, I never have to write an excuse letter for being "absent" today, haha!


  1. Woah, incidentally it's my SL today! O_O Now that's the best thing about self-employment... there's no need for applying for leaves!

  2. Hahaha emsky! Ang galing naman! ;p Parehas pala tayo "on leave" today hehehe :)
    off topic, i love your blog! :) minsan pag may budget gusto kong may own url narin hehehe

  3. Ana!! Congrats on another feature! And I love the paper bag of your shop. Where did you have it printed :) You are just continuously rising :) More blessings to come dear!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. Thank you Melai! :) I had them printed sa ... still an online shop! :) hehe!
    Thanks so much!! more blessing for you too!! :)

  5. hi ana! i don't know san nagpunta comment mo :( when i was about to publish it, bigla na lang nawala :(

    btw, where can i check mga accessories na you are selling. i heard you have great set of nerd glasses. wanna check :)

  6. I hope you feel okay now.
    Congrats on the features.:)
    I wish I could have called in sick to work today. My head just feels heavy. Hmmm, I shall now go twist the tap with my toes while I take a looonnnngggg bath, and gulp down some aspirin.
    All my love, dear.


  7. lovely pieces for the candy mag july ish ms. ana!:) i hope next time other fashion magazines!

    oh and i hope you're feeling very well again!

  8. Really love this editorial! So fresh and perfect for Anagon collection! Heee. Congratulations, Ana!

    And, get well soon! Take care!

  9. Thanks ava! :) good thing ok na ko! :) been round-and-about again ;) hahaha! :D thanks i hope so too! :)

    thanks ashley! :) i just love how margaux style clothes :)


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