Zip it!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

What a busy busy Tuesday, that by the end of the day my hands are shaking (yes till now!)! :p It wasn't super "difficult" in a way that for me creating artworks can be therapeutic. At this age I know that I am more of Ms. Physical Labor than Ms. Mental (hahahah). Anyway, I snipped cloths for my new fringe necklaces collection, plus these buyers-favorite zipper bracelets. I used the candle to smoothen the edges of the zippers. ;-)

It was a productive day! Can't wait for meet-ups tomorrow, plus my visit in St. Scho (my high school!) to drop by Tamems (who will go there every day this week for her BPI caravan stint!)! We're planning to try the foods we used to eat in our "old canteen" way back high school, so excited!!! ;p


  1. oooh!! ms. ana! when are you gonna post the new fringe necklaces?:) I always miss out on the ones i like. SOld out agad! hehe. I love the zipper bracelets!!

  2. They look so cool. I like them.
    Hahah Ana, yes. Vege meat/chicken/pork is the same has soy. You know, I wonder how they made it because it tastes just like the real thing. hmm.
    Have a great Wednesday, dear.


  3. aahhh those are so so cool!! neat idea! :D

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