day 21. a photo of you standing up

Monday, August 16, 2010

I paused on this daily blogging thing as last week has been a blur: there was Showtime last Wednesday, UAAP last Thursday (a repeat of this is a must! :p), then Friday and Saturday movie club with Ana..where we watched the hilarious-for-my-humor Grownups.

I told Ana how the "next day" of the daily photo blog thing requires me to post a picture of me "standing up", and I was like how creative can this go haha! The sarcastic friend told me to post an "outfit post"-- to hit two birds with one stone in this entry, so here's what I wore on our Friday GB night (a photo of me standing up, haha):

Olive green top I've worn in my latest bazaar, gray tee, black belt and shoes, blue shorts I got from Ukay for only P30! ;p

Rings stacking: My attempt of MK Olsen's quirky baby ring ;p 
Ankh necklace from my tita. =)

Came Saturday, I had a Trinoma meet up, and being with Ana means no commuting other than on a cab...So we unluckily rode one with a driver who isn't just irritating on lecturing us with smoking haha, but his taxi meter was also fast! :p We paid P200ish from Makati to Trinoma only, after several "round trips"...And he even asked for a tip! Grrr. After my meet up, I pulled Ana to my ol' reliable MRT and spent only 15 bucks for her fare haha!

Had the courage to take a pic of this MRT handle thing because I was with somebody else hehe. ;p Hello Ababou! 

When we reached Ayala, we realized it was late for another movie since Ana and I can't stay too long because we have our own dinners with our families that night, so we hangout in UCC instead--which I realized I missed hehe. ;p 

While lazying around, I also got the text of Raleene regarding the mini-contest she had in her blog a day ago. She was invited along with other lifestyle/fashion bloggers to attend Robinsons' The Great Fashion Finds event, and can bring a reader with her.

"All you have to do is e-mail me at raleenecabrera@gmail.comwith your complete name and mobile phone number, plus state WHY i should choose YOU to go shopping with me!"

So before I headed out of the house last Friday, I emailed her with this:

Hi Raleene! :) 

I am one of your readers, and I want to join you this Sunday! =) 
Why me: Because I also love shopping, I'm also blogger (but just an amateur, haha...And my blog was also formerly on fashion/my style but I changed it into a general personal blog :)), and I'm also a vegetarian--let's see if they'll serve veg-friendly prepared snacks on the 4pm stint, haha! ;)

Thanks for this stint you're giving to your readers!! =) (and not just choosing a friend/someone you know!! :)) And I just have to say I love your blog so much not only because of the outfit posts, but also for the make up tips, food photogs and the Walkie Talkies! :D

I was busy with the whole Friday and Saturday meet-ups merged with movie-ing and tambays that when I got the text that I got the slot, I was super duper kilig! Ask Ana! ;D Haha! Will blog more about the amazing Sunday event on a separate entry!!!

Sneak peek of what we did last Sunday! :) (Raleene did the collage on the spot, coolness!)

So Saturday night dinner was with a visiting cousin from the states with his super kulit and adorable nieces...

Cea said this picture is with the brother that we never had. ;p Hehe!

Playing with Isabella. :)

With the kids Anthony and Bella, my cousin Kino, Mom, Dad, and Cey

I have to admire my ate's energy for kids! Your online seller was "beat-up dead" the whole night from my endless walkathons. ;p After this, we even stayed till midnight in Starbucks! :p

I'm just happy I am not getting the flu even after all these! Plus walking outdoors while raining with just my hat on (haha, yellow "How I Met Your Mother" umbrella was lost =p). I have a tendency to abuse my capacity on going-outs although my body is super used to rest since I've become an online seller who works in her PJs. I can't let these happenings pass by, you know, so let the good times roll! ;p


  1. ms. ana! i missed your entries!! haha. you're sooo lucky to get invited by ms. raleene! inggit* hehe. Looks like you both had fun. I love the photos! and you were pretty busy looks like it hehe..that's good!

  2. Thank you sooo much Ava! :) Super cool ni Raleene noh! :) Hope to see you this week! :)

  3. sarcastic friend??? Hahaha


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