Finally Watched UAAP Again! :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I super duper missed this! For two years I had been active in watching the UAAP basketball games of the UST Growling Tigers...But this year I missed watching the first games...then I didn't realized that I wasn't able to catch any game for the whole first round! ;p

To not be completely left behind with the happenings of my dear team, after my meet ups I watched the first game of UST today in Araneta Coliseum! It was versus UE, and we lost big time. But I wasn't completely bummed (though during the game, I was super stressed! :D Ganun nga pala pag nanunuod ng live hahaha!)....I had fun with my friends (fellow Thomasians and Tiger-fans!) Vany and Ickay. :) Photo op again at the South Gate post-game! Ahhh...Good times! ;)

Though I wasn't familiar already with the whole team lineup, and we didn't get patron tickets this time (unlike before), plus my old favorites in the team already graduated...I will forever love the UST GROWLING TIGERS! :) Tomasino Forever! GO USTE!

Ickay and Vany! :)

I missed the sound of the buzzer! :D

Go Uste-ing crowd! :) 

An AB student with Tiger Headband ;p Cute!

Half time!

Final scores. Sigh. ;p

With UST Tigers' Eddie Aytona

With our stater  point guard Jeric Fortuna! <3 (hahahaha)

Former Tiger Khasim Mirza. :D I miss their batch!!! :)

I'll always argue with my sister on how people in our crowd can have solid-hardcore teams in the NBA or in the World Cup (especially during the peak/hype of both!)...Nothing really serious, but personally, I wasn't hooked with the two. I guess for me it's different when you have a team "na may pinaghugutan" ...Like the team of my country or, like in the UAAP, the team of my school. You cheer and root for the team, your team, with all your heart, iba talaga! ;p

"We can change our wives", he said, "We can change our jobs, our nationalities and even our religions, but we can never change our team."
-Luca Spaghetti, Eat, Pray, Love 


  1. hi ana. buti ka pa nakapanuod na. ako naman can't find time to watch. sayang. saktong school ko pa kalaban nung nanuod ka.

    btw, i also love UST. your school is special to me.hahaha!

  2. You are such a joyous person. I love you.
    I need to watch Eat, Pray, Love ASAP!!!
    Have a good weekend!!!


  3. ok, that Jeric Fortuna is a cutie! oh i miss watching UAAP bball games too!

  4. Hi Bianca!! :) onga your alma mater paaa! :) super fun talaga college basketball noh?? :) i missed it, gusto ko uli manuod live haha! :D

    Thanks Tywo! Yes I really wanna watch the film asap!!! :D I read somewhere that it will be show in OCTOBER in my country! That's just too long a wait! :D

    Hihihi Kookie! :D My new uaap crush hehe! ;p


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