After two months: Eat, Pray, Love!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The long-overdue plan to catch Eat Pray Love movie adaptation with my soul sister Krissy finally took place last weekend in Trinoma! I was sick almost the whole week, and almost cancelled with Krissy the last minute, but when I woke up on our planned Movie Date, I knew I had to go out there!

Black Beanie (H&M)
Gray Shirt (Hanes)
Gray Shorts (Herbench)
Silver Flats (Sanuk)
Black Bag (SM)
Eat Pray Love Necklace (DIY)

I really prepared the themed-necklace that morning so I can wear something "costumey" and make an event out of an otherwise ordinary day. I guess that's how much I loved the book. I read Eat Pray Love months ago already, and considering my super short-term memory (haha, seryoso!): I love the feeling of almost forgetting what it was all about, till I watched the film and begin to remember again how I FELT while reading the book. 

There were mixed reviews about the film adaptation, but I wouldn't be too technical and movie-critique-ish when it comes to this since it's not really easy to fit all the awesome things quoted in the book to a 2-hour film. Of course the foods were more tasty, the scenery, definitely more breathtaking, and the moments and lines thrown were more tearjerker while I was reading and seeing Elizabeth Gilbert's story right in my very own bedroom...But then, I still got the gist and remembered my love for the memoir in this film version. Gilbert still inspires me to one day have my own Eat Pray Love episode. 

Started and ended our movie date with FOOD: late lunch at Krissy-endorsed Bigoli (hihi), and afterwards, a post-movie hangout over froyo in Golden Spoon (to see if it can beat our Red Mango, hah!). Krissy and I had been friends in the online world for years, back during Multiply-blogging! We seldom hangout together, but when we do, we can't stop our chatter-mouths overflowing with stories, that we had to impose ourselves to eat first before the kwentos or we might be late for the trailers! (Which I am thankful for, who doesn't want to catch the trailers!!??)

The unforgettable part of the day was when Krissy and I SHARED our own life stories. We all try to relate with Gilbert, and Eat Pray Love just leaves us in a "I want to write in my journal" mode. These reflect-y moments (for me) are the best in every relationship, I got to know Krissy deeper through these talks and realize why I am friends with her.


And of course, we laughed most of the time! About what? That will just be between me, and my friend Krissy. ;) 

"To lose balance sometimes for love is part of living a balanced life."


  1. This is such a sweet post. I loved every sentence. I saw eat pray love with Brenton and his sisters. We learned a lot from it. It's an inspiring movie!
    I hope you have a great weekend.


  2. Sweet :) Super thanks sis! Looking forward for more movie dates, pero saka na, pag tapos na yun respective Singapore trips natin haha!

    Much love!

  3. Awww go! :D i think it'll be fun to have your own Eat, Pray, Love episode. :)
    btw, i love your necklace, perfect for the movie!

  4. wow! love the DIY eat pray love necklace! and and and, love the food shots! kagutom! haha! is golden spoon better than red mango? wanna try it out too! :)

  5. Thanks Tywo! :) It's so cute that you also hangout with your boy's sisters :)) I hope you had a great weekend too, and a great new week ahead! :)

    Krissy!!! Super thank you din! And of course, Project SG muna tayo ngayon!! :)) Kaya natin tooo! Till our next "date!" =)

  6. Smarla: Hehehe talagang made it for the movie! :) Haha, career! :) Thank you! I do hope resources will permit me for that kind of episode in my life! :))

    Scarlet April: Hihi thank you!!! And super, sarap kumain lang! Red Mango forever ako, haha, ice creamy na si Golden Spoon! :) But my ate loves GS, so I guess it's worth to try! :))

  7. Shoot, 'yong 1st pic. Cheeeeeeeeeese! :))

    YAY! I can't wait to watch Eat, Pray, Love.

  8. saw this movie too with gersh :) super nice! i think we watched it same day as you a krissy! hehe :) I love the quote you placed at the end :) She thought kasi balance was to have no love..silly girl! hehe =p

  9. So, maganda ba siya?

    Hindi ko binasa, takot ma-spoil :P

  10. Hahaha Nadine! :D Salap ng pizza noooh! Nom nom nom!! :))

    Coolness ava!! :D Haha onga e, but the things we forget when it comes to love ;) haha! :D

    EMSKY! I miss you! Nagandahan ako!!! :)) Worth watching. Or read book then watch :) Feel ko lang!! :)

  11. Aww, I wanna watch that movie also!!! I'm jealous! Haha! :-)

  12. Haha! ;D Go go go Ef! :) Ok sya! :)

  13. You know what, I realized that those people whom I can have "reflect-y moments" with are the few who I can really consider friends. I mean, not everyone can break me, the walking wall. Just saying.

    Nice Eat, Pray, Love necklace, btw. :)


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