Launching of Feast Alabang's iGive.Club!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Last Sunday, my whole fambam were in blue (as seen in my post on Aina's birthday, which was also last Sunday, hehe) as part of our iGive.Club launching in all three sessions of the Feast Alabang! :) We planned on this for barely a week! Since my role for this club is on the monthly members' newsletter, I came for moral support and also to attend a session. :)

 Ecstatic to see the club name on Bro. Arun's article, and our membership form inside the newsletter!

 Lively choir!

 Bro Israel led the worship songs last Sunday.

 Here's what I've learned in the last talk for the Wish Series: God will not do what you can do for yourself---He doesn't want to steal from you your chance to grow. -Bro Arun

Welcoming and praying over the new attendees! :) 

After the session, Bro Arun requested the people to stay for a little while to watch the presentation of the iGive.Club.

 To briefly explain about the club: "This is a bunch of people who are big-hearted enough to contribute P1000 to the Feast every month for one year. This offering is a separate pledge from what you usually put into the love offering baskets. You will be giving something more, so that we can do more."

 A video presentation showing how The Feast Alabang moved from the cinema to its own center in Festival Mall. Serving and blessing more people with more sessions. Improvements, finishing, and maintenance works are still needed, and thus iGive.Club was born.

Lots of people came to support us on our first day of signing up! This is voluntary, so when I asked my dad and mom (the man and woman behind the table! :)) how the people respond to the program: they happily told me it was a success!

My job is to write about the updates on where the people's money went to. We discussed on the documentations and maybe a club blog I have to do (pro bono) during our meetings pre-launching. But the most important part of all this is, I sincerely know these givers will be blessed. 


  1. nice article Ana.may we post this in the Feast Alabang website? I hope you won't mind if I use your photo of the tarp in the bulletin. I will acknowledge you :)

  2. Yes Miss Mirella, that will be great!! :) Thank you so much, it is nice to meet a fellow Alabang Feaster here in blogspot! :)


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