How Vain Are You?

Monday, October 04, 2010

This was the first question asked to me (aside from my name! ;)) when I entered the Vanity Vanity What Art Thou?: The Ultimate Vanity Fair last Friday, which was held in the SM North EDSA Skydome.

Who wouldn't take a second glance of this venue? The set-up screams BEAUTY!

I was invited day before the event by my Beb (Bloggers Event Buddy!) Ava, and although my only plan was to go to the John Mayer concert, I thought that I can't miss this one! After all, the schedules also reconciled the last minute--with the event starting earlier from 5pm to 3pm!

Thank you so much for inviting me! :)

Now the question is, is being vain or a narcissist really part of the Seven Capital Sins (as a subcategory of Pride)? When I read up on this in Wikipedia (haha), the ever-reliable online encyclopedia since my college days (haha), it says that "Vainglory (Latin, vanagloria) is unjustified boasting." I guess it means that too much vanity is being self-centered already, but moderate vanity means that you have self-respect. You care enough to take care of your body and your image.

So these are the Seven Capital Reasons why the Ultimate Vanity Fair was the coolest!:

1) The John Robert Powers' talk on Imaging.

I've always wanted to enroll in JRP! The session last Thursday was like a crash-course--and for free! The talk revolved around proper sitting, standing and walking.

2) The Body Shop's talk on Make Up.

I am a total make up newbie. Blogged about this gazillion times, but putting on make up is such a challenge for me that I have to call a friend when I need some colors on my face like for events. The Make Up 101 by the Body Shop taught me the basics. Plus, I am the biggest fan of the brand!

3) The Fashionable People.
As for the "Spotted" post I did for the Kotext WOW event, these are the cool pieces I found in the Ultimate Vanity Fair! As they said, it's all in the details! :)

Jessica and Krissy's contrasting and equally cute pairs!

Bestie's Braids-Updo! The awesome-est part is finding out she did the French braids herself! Gawd, she is now officially my local hippie style icon! :)

Ava's Heart-Tape Measure Necklace. :) I love how you wear your Anagon accessories, Beb!

Accessories that make a statement: Peacock earrings of Alex! :)

Karl's fierce Soule shoes! 
(Wasn't able to take a photo, but Nicole's shoes were too-cool din!!!)

4) Liz of Project Vanity's talk on Beauty and Fashion Blogging.

I love the talk, and her well-thought-off points and slides! I was sad that I didn't get to finish it, because I was super late for John Mayer. =/ Can't wait to check out Liz's blog post on this! :)
(photo from Ava)

5) Bloggers Meet-Up once again!
I love love love it that this is becoming a weekly thing. I know it's a big dream, but I hope more brands will support the local blogging scene by inviting us to their events as part of the "media". :) Here are the other people I met during the fair:

My soul sistah Krissy! :)

Pretty in her floral full-skirt Bestie!

Pretty in Pink (..brogues!) Ava! :)
(photo from Bestie)

With my dear Krissy and her blog-friend Jessica! :)

With the stylish duo Karl and Nicole!

Finally a photo with you! :) Denise of Simones Closet! :)

Semi-group pic, earlier that day.
(Photo from Bestie)

6) Freebies and Foods Galore!
We didn't leave the event hungry...whether for food or for beauty finds! :) Thank you for all the freebies!

Thanks ALO Youth! I love the jelly bits in this drink! :D
(Photo from Krissy)

I am forever-hungry, so I was giddy when they handed this to us! Haha!

Booths here and there, some even offer makeovers and massages--for freeee!
The Body Shop.

The posh space of Mosbeau (as a bazaarista, I commend their nice set-up! :))

The Face Shop.

The take-homes! :)

Beauty products from SeriAsia, Skin Food, Dermclinic, Face Shop, and a dainty bag from NaRaYa! 
Will do a series of reviews for these in future posts! :))

Left early for the event, I was told they gave more packages after, sigh. But that's okay! =) Would have been super late for the concert when I left the event even for just a few minutes later than I did!

7) The Bloggers Game!
The one-by-one introduction during the Kotex event was already nerve-wracking for shy-girl-me, how about doing it on-stage this time? :D We were divided into 2 groups for a little game ala Pilipinas Win na Win's (jumbled letters that form I AM VAIN and BLOGGERS to be formed into words according to a given question). But before that, we introduced ourselves and our blog:

Paul, the event's friendly host.

Karl and smiling Krissy!

With my teammates! 
(Photo from Krissy)

My very own minute of fame (and shame, hihi!) 
Thanks Alex for capturing this! :))

We were demure during the event (dressed up and all). But when under pressure and competitiveness (hehehe), we all go riot! :D 

I may not have finished the Ultimate Vanity Fair till the very end, but I have to say it was fun and very well-organized because of the relevant talks and the freebies-overload!

Ending this entry with my, rather, laid back outfit for the daytime event: 

At the garden just outside the venue.
(Photo by Bestie)

Tip to Toe:
Hat (Anagon)
Geek Glasses (Star Finder, Festival Mall)
Gray-White Stripes Tee (H&M)
Animal Print Cover-up (DIY/Thrifted)
Skirt (Cotton On)
Red Shoes (Charles and Keith)

Strawberry Nails (DIY, inspired from Krissy! :))
Bow Ring (Anagon)

Oh! As for my answer to the question How Vain Are You? I wrote that: I may not be very vain, but I can't sleep without brushing my teeth, washing my face, and applying petroleum jelly on my lips.

Haha! Feel free to share to me your own answers! ;)


  1. Beb!:) i think the only freebie you missed was the bread and mosbeau hehe nothing much :) i love your naraya bag!! huhu *envy* =p I'm glad you had fun! :) and I got to share with you again!!

  2. BEB! Thank you! :) Yehey!! What did Mosbeau gave away? That's an expensive brand a (thus, effective!). :) Thank you so much uli for inviting me, and for this experience. To more more more blessings for us! :)

  3. hahah fun fun day! thanks for the photos!! yey

  4. Super fun karl! :) Really love your porma :))) And no prob re pics! ;)

  5. Cool event noh! :) Great to see you uli Nicole! :)

  6. I didn't get a photo with everyone :( Btw, I loved your blazer that day! <3


  7. Me tooo! Till next event Alex! :) You look great that day as well :)) Go team a! haha!


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