Dear Candy Mag, (Candy Fair 2010)

Monday, October 04, 2010

I realized that, although I am past teenage years, I still owe you a lot.

Our "friendship" started when you first came out in 1999, which is timely for a teen who only have her mom's back issues of Good Housekeeping as reading materials just because there weren't any appropriate magazines for her then. A publication on dealing with all things high school became a monthly thing for me ever since.

Years passed, and not so young anymore, I still buy Candy in college. As a journalism student then, my biggest goal was to write for this glossy. After a few years, my first ever published article in mainstream media came to life. A few months later, I was also accepted in the Candy Council--an "elite" group of teens who were given Candymag assignments for a year.

Aside from writing, Candy supported even my accessories business--through its first cover appearance and magazine features since 2006. Now a full-time online entrepreneur, my accessories are still featured almost every month inside this well-loved teen magazine. Almost all my buyers learned about Anagon through Candy!

And ever since the very first Candy Fair circa 2007, which was held outdoors, I already participated in their mini-bazaar. I even braved the Typhoon Ondoy for last year's Candy Fair, and would you believe that it was still break-even in business considering the low attendance!

Of course, Candy Fair 2010 wasn't an exemption. Through the help of the friendly and accommodating Ms. Mia (Candy's EIC), I was able to connect with the right person organizing the event. And the rest, as they say it, is history. =)

I was giddy when I saw this! :)

Jam Packed! Doors were still closed early Saturday morning, and yet the girls already flocked A. Venue! <3

Last minute pointers for the Candy Cuties...6 minutes till they open the doors to the girls! :)
The countdown made me so nervous and excited!!!

Finishing touches for my stall!

Perfect! :) I also love the candy-shaped sign they provided for each stall!

This Candy Cutie's charm disrupted my sales! The girls' attention turned to him instead of my necklaces! ;D Haha!

What is blockbuster??? This place was packed!

Megan Young hosted this year's fair, along with StarStruck's Steven Silva.

Raise your Candymags! :) Wow, this moment was epic.

Woot! Interviewed by Dino Imperial for my stall Anagon Collection! :) That was nerve-wracking! ;p

The Candy Editors--people behind the best teen magazine EVER!

Candy Editors, while my brand was flashed on screen :D

PBB Boys were there! But I leally leally love Ryan Bang the most! Super hilarious that he entered the stage dancing chuvachuchu! :D

The future Candy Cutie: Arkin Magalona! :D Super dito ako napatayo, napakacute!

The Candy Cutie who received the loudest, ground breaking, raise the roof scream this year--Elmo Magalona!

I wouldn't miss a photo op with pretty and super nice Saab Magalona!

With my fellow Candy Council batchmate, Tracy Ayson and her pretty hair. :)

With my sister Ana, who helped me man my stall till the end of the event. She's the most OC assistant evah, lovet!

Sweet Candy Girl Lyka Dela Cruz. :) She approached me, so we finally met!

Also a Candy Girl, Nadine Bayta. :) We met last last Candy Fair, and she's super supportive bringing friends to my stall!

Candy Girls just automatically click! With COC girls of different batch Bea Beluan and CJ Alayon!

Laking Candymag! CJ Alayon a product of Candy Council, and Chesca Sumilang a product of Candy Model Teen search!

With Mae, and my fellow blogger pretty Krissy and her lady-like dress!

Mom, Dad, and Cea came after the program, to help me pack up and carry the huge bazaar paraphernalia. :) The most supportive family ever!

Thank you Candy Mag, Candy Team, and Candy Girls for always being part of my dreams. You have always been there on full-support with my every endeavor. I will forever be grateful.

Still on Candy Fair High,
Anagon =) 

Wire Art Headband and Rings (Anagon)
Dress (Vintage)
Brown Belt (Dad's)
Sling Bag (Ate's, vintage)
Red Shoes (Charles and Keith)


  1. Looks like you had a blast! :>

    xx, Channie

  2. congratz babe!!!:) so happy for you. sorry i wasnt able to go kc namatay lngako the whole weekend sa pagod. next time i promise. Lav yah friend!:)

  3. super love it!:) i wish i had the chance to go but, the car was stubborn :| anyhoo, can't wait for new anagon goodies!!

  4. Channie: Thanks sis! :) It was!!!

    Pax: Sobrang miss na kita teh! Nawala ka nga nun week nato namiss kita talaga busy girl!!! See you soooon love yaaaa!!!

    Ava thank you so much!!! for always supporting anagon! :) excited nako sa next event natin, hihi!!! :) see you soonest!!!

  5. wow Ana congrats! I wish was there but I have tons of work to do plus Ia m still doing a shoot for my collection!:)

    You look so cute in your outfit!:)

  6. I'll forever be a Candy girl, too! :) Great to see you sis! Congratulations sa success ng booth mo! Good job! :)

  7. Denise thank you! :) It was fun and something different, yearly ko to inaabangan :) <3 Goodluck with your new collection! :)

    Krissy! :) Thank you so much a! I hope I can still handle everything till my nth candy fair...this year para nakong ate na nagagalit when people wants to pass through my booth "going to the cr" daw, but I know they're going to the backstage uy! hahaha! :D

  8. Hi Ate! Sayang you didn't see my friends' faces after we left your booth. They were all excited to wear the stuff they bought. Actually, two of them already wore it. Tapos 'yong isa kong friend lahat pala ng binili niya peace offering sa twin sis niya kaya pala kinuha niya 'yong peace sign necklace. Remember the Camera necklace? Naunahan pa ako ni Mama na isuot 'yon. HAHAHA. :D

    We had a blast! See you again next year! :)

  9. Waaaah!! Ang sweet naman non!! :D Thank you to your friends and your mom nadine! :D Nakakatuwa naman, nakaka encourage to work harder! :)

    I had so much fun din!!! Till next year! As I say every year "sana araw araw candy fair" hahaha!

  10. Candy fair is a success...Congratulations!

    Hope I can join the fun next year..fingers cross. :)

  11. Yes Melai!!! :)) Thank you so much! :) It was super fun! :) Hope to see you soon sis!!!

  12. aww, sayang naman na ang aga namin umuwi di pa tuloy namin nalibot lahat ng stalls at nakita yung PBB boys! haha! and it's so cute na your family supports you. so sweet of them! :)

  13. Thanks scarlet april! :) sayang ngaaa!! =/ Pero super dupeer ngang daming tao na noh?? :) im sure you had a blast kahit papano! :) Saw your photo in ;)

  14. I was there as the Voice Over (a.k.a announcer) for the event. The night before that, we were setting up the event venue and had very little sleep. Next day came and felt so fulfilled upon seeing the Candy girls flocking the venue and seeing them smile and shout.

    Hopefully, we'd get to do next year's event too!

  15. Hi Glenn! It was a great event, all because of the great organizers too! :) Worth nga ang pagod! :)
    Hope I can participate in Candy Fair 2011 too ;))


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