The Brown Bag Market Experience

Sunday, November 21, 2010

photo from vern

photo from ava

Nori of Style Economics bought some rings from Anagon months ago, and invited me to join her bazaar, the Brown Bag Market. But wait, "This is not a bazaar!". It is "..a flea market that aims to provide a platform for social entrepreneurs to showcase their products". Nice "artsy" venue (The Collective, Malugay), good stall price, and scheduled on an ideal date (near Christmas!), I went for it and invited my sistah Pax of Archive Clothing to share booth space with me! :)

Ingress with the help of my ever supportive parentals! My stall was already up at around 10 am!
Then I saw my long time suki Anisa! :) I've known her since the beginning of my wireart accessories! She's my buena mano for the day!

My partner has arrived! :) In time for lunch lang teh? Haha!

Spotted: Alex, the Reluctant Stylista, and her sister: browsing through Anagon X Archive! :)
They bought lots of accessories from my stall, thanks to Alex who bullied her sister and friend ;-) Hehehe!!!

Group pic! :) 
Melai was also there, with Fashion Stop Shop's first (and successful! :)) bazaaring stint!

Fstop was with Denise and Maris' Simone's Closet! :)
photo from Ava

Ava was there as early as 2pm, and stayed with us till we already packed up! <3
The sweetest girl everrr..Wearing Anagon necklace pa! <3

As early as opening time, BBM organized programs held in the middle of the venue, such as a photography workshop (Melai on-the-spot styled the model with FStop and Anagon! :)), photoshop and video editing seminars, film showing, and even a Tumblr meet up. We participated in the Awearness: Eco Fashion and Beauty Forum!

Bloggers as audience? :D Parang classroom lang! 

Back-row Girls! :D Haha!
Cute nail colorsss: Salmon nails of A+B's Arianne, Nude pink nails of Pax, light blush nails of Ava, and my flashy red digits!

Pretty Vern's talk+demo on mineral makeups for Bare Minerals. 
Eto lang ang masasabi ni Athan: Bravo!

The maker of Green Minded Missy!

A brand that carries denim totes like this:
Out of thrifted jeans! :) Cool noh? :D

Tin's personal fave!

Demo for Mary Kay
We all tried (and love!!!) the Oil Mattifier (P585)! 

Pawis and oiliness ako from spending the whole day outdoors, but after applying the "magic product", I love that it gave me instant matte skin! Picture-an uli kami after this, haha!

More freebies from the talk!
CUTE  Envirosax shopping bag!

 Make up samples from Bare Minerals!

Coffee from Kape Isla! Personally, my energy-booster to last the day! :D

Pasta Box merienda! 
(I love the people of Pasta Box! <3 They bought rings from my stall, and they don't mind if I always get drinking water from them, hehe)

I also got a turon from Binalot (sorry no photo, ubos kaagad pag bigay sakin, haha!). Can I just say, I love all the foods and freebies! Kudos to BBM organizers for all these perks!

Stuff I got that day:
 FStop's pretty Boater Hat! :)

 Archive Clothing finds, to be worn in coming bazaars and events! :))

And my loot from Melai's Blog Giveaways! :D (not in photo: yellow Ichigo shoes!)
Mom said dito palang, bawi ka na!

More people I met in BBM:
With Lauren!

St. Scho batchmate Ian! She was there to support another fellow Kulasa, Miya, who also has a stall! :)

With Kookie, Pax, Nicole, Ava, and Athan!

Outfit Post! :)

Wore my dad's XL Woodstock tee given to him by my tita from a US trip. I love its hardcore-hippie feel, and wearing a tee on a HOT day was my best decision, hehe! Paired the tee with my H&M beanie (to hide my uneven hair color, hahaha), yellow sling bag to stash my kinita (hehe), and my new lovelife: Rubi Clogs I scored in Cotton On during my recent Singapore trip! Got the pair on sale for only P600ish! :D <3

Again, thank you so much to everyone I met during the Brown Bag Market! I love it when people recognize my blog, AND my brand ANAGON! :) Thank you to my blog friends Pax (and Mich!), Melai, and Ava (and Gersh and Athan!) for the company, tawanan, and great conversations. It wouldn't be this fun without you guys! :) <3


  1. this actually made me so inggit.hehehe XD Congrats love!

  2. Thanks Bianca!!! :)) Hopefully more Archive X Anagon X Fstop Bazaars sooon!!!!

  3. congrats Anagon! :D in fairness, you worked your dad's oversized tee.

  4. aaawwwww <3 ang saya! kitang-kita sa photos nyo! inggit ako, sana nakapunta ako. :/ pero, congrats ms. ana!

    xx, Channie

  5. So nice meeting you guys again! I promise I'll be buying more myself if I bump into you guys in future bazaars. Haaay, this is what I hate about freelancing, not getting your money on time. :(


  6. I wish I could share a booth with you and Aisa next time!

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  7. ANA!! haha can i man your booth again?? haha I'm actually planning to go to DLSU next week just to help! next week ba yun?? I have breaks kasi during TTH ahaha =p I love your envirosax..piggy!! too bad they didn't have that na. aww but still! at least got a designed one!:) super love your clogs too! tangkad power! and true sinabi ng mom mo..bawing bawi ka na sa items mo! LAVET!:) till next time, ana!!

  8. hi ana available pa po ba yung watch na studded yung nasa 1'st row yung pang 4'th?. i'll get it. pls email me:
    thank you.

  9. Thank you again Anna for the ring!!! =)Awesome to bump into you guys again! =)

  10. I was here! I wish this was a two-day event. I think one day isn't enough. Then again it was soo hot there! haha Congrats on your sales!

  11. Glad you guys had fun. Hope to see youn on our next Brown Bag Market.

  12. Hello! This is my first time to step into your blog (immediately followed it upon getting here, of course). I enjoy the charm bracelet I bought from your stall. Weee!

    Bea (Reluctant Stylista's bullied sister)

  13. Smarla! :D Thank you! Means alot to me! Nun nakita ko yun nainlove nako sa tee hehe! :D

    Channie! :D Yes that will be fun! :) Till next bazaars! :)

    Alex! :D Thank you rin! Your friends and sister bought alot from me naman noh, thanks to YOU!!! :)))

    Arianne! Yes! That will be great! :D What's your online shop??? :) Hope a bazaar of the bloggers with online shops will happen SOON! :)

  14. Ava! :) Thank you so much for everything! Super naappreciate ko our bonding-bazaaring the past days in dlsu! :) You're a true friend, hihi :) Thank you!!!

    Hi Larisse! Sorry sold na the buckle yun of a studded bracelet hihi! :)

    Nicole! :D No prob! Really love to see you and kookie, sobrang iba dating nyo! Lovet! :)

  15. Tabitha! Sayang i didnt see you!!! Yes two-day bazaar will be great! :D

    Nori! Congrats!! :) Organizing an event like this isnt easy, good job guys! :)

    Bea!!! :D It was great to meet you and thank you so much for buying from my stall!!! :D

  16. Hi Ana, please let me know if you join any bazaar soon! :) nice to see you at the flea market!


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