Last 24 hours in SG!

Friday, November 19, 2010

After our Ikea overtime field trip, we were down to our last 24 hours in Singapore. I took this photo in our cab ride back to our place to drop off our things. I think that's the Singapore flyer, which we didn't attempt to ride after reading nega feedbacks--the ferris wheel stopping for 6 hours? Wah I don't even want to imagine! ;p

When we realized that it's our last night already (ang bilis lang, swear!), Geo said naha-hyper na sya! We started singin' and boppin' to the song on the taxi's stereo: Hansons' MmmBop! Panahon namin yon!

Here's how we spent our remaining hours in SG:

1) Took more Fashionista Commuter pictures:
(dahil hindi ko sya magagawa pag mag isa nako sa Pilipinas!)

2) When we realized we still have an hour till Songs of the Sea, Geo and I rode the Cable Car (Alli's with her friends in SG)

Nakakahawa ang fear of heights ni Geo! :D

Night-time Cable Car is just LOVE!

3) We had a day and night photo with the Merlion! :D

New Merlion daw to, hindi na namin napuntahan yun may water. ;p Hehe!

4) Watched Songs of the Sea, kahit umuulan!
Kapag ako ang kasama mo, kumpleto sa putahe. Hahaha! 
Popcorn and Ice Cream! :D

LSS! "You did it!" Haha!

Note: I took VIDEOS instead of photos, and just got screen caps, mas malinaw! :)

5) We woke up early on our "flight day" to catch a good breakfast in Toast Box:



Geo's cup of hot milk tea won our little Best Milk Tea challenge! :)

6) Huling hirit in Sentosa, we took the Skyride and Luge!

Hate this pic, parang ang bigat ko noh? :D Haha!

Geo's fear of heights activating again! :D Haha! I was actually just scared for our shoes!!! :P

Going down down down.... :D

7) We were supposed to try the zipline, but it started to rain. =P so we just took photos with the giant Sentosa!
S is for Singapore!

A is for Anagon! :D Hehe!

So many activities we wanted to try...SENTOSA, We will be back! :)

8) Lunch break in Bugis' Uncle's Kitchen

Sssspicyyy bee hoon! :D haha!

9) Since we have different shopping agendas (Geo - men's polo for Fred, Alli - a jewelry shop, me - more Cotton On stuff)....We decided to part ways in our last-minute shopping in Bugis to maximize our time. Though stressful, it was a cool experience to have a cellphone-break! Instead of choosing a meeting place around the mall, we decided to be in Rucksack Inn 2 by 3pm! :D I thought it would be an extra-challenge for me who wasn't mindful of the MRT da works when I'm with my friends! Geo said "Kaya mo yan noh, commuter ka e!". True enough, I actually enjoyed my me-time! :)

I love you rainy Singapura! :)

10) I decided to stopover the nearest mall in our inn: Central Mall! We ran out of time to go there, so I thought of dropping by since I think I finished my shopping earlier than my girls! :) Kung ano pa ang malapit, yun pa ang di napuntahan! :D

Leaving you with more street photos while walking home.... *sigh, nakakasenti!*

I was taking photos of the building on the other side, nang humarang itong bus nato:
Naasar pako, siya pa pala nag paganda ng photo! :) "Vision Beyond Ordinary Lenses!"

Can't believe one week na since our trip! :P
I miss you SG! I will be back! :) 
ProjectSG ver.2!?? :) 


  1. Nice! I can really see how you enjoyed so much! great photos ms. ana! :)

    xx, Channie

  2. hahaha natawa ako sa pic comment mo sa skyride! :)

  3. I love the rides!! seems fun!:) and i think i've been to SG based on all the photos and will definitely try all the things you did when I go there!:) Yes, SG ver. 2 would be great! hehe

  4. Channie: Thank you so much! :) I miss SG already! :D haha!

    Smarla: Diba diba? :D Parang ang bigat ko, kainizzz. Hahahah!

    Ava: Thanks so much! :D Ipon uli and sell more more more for projectSG version 2!! :)))

  5. Great fountain photos! Parang Las Vegas and Macau. :))

  6. Hahaha ang galing noh? :) Show sya talaga, lights and water effects :))) Tapos may story pa! :) Galing noh? :)

  7. Arrrg now i really wanna go back to Singapore! :))

  8. my project for my tour planning subject was about singapore! and songs of the sea is one of the HIGHLIGHTS! :D

    great photos! yey! seems like you had a great time. sg is love!

    Taradiddles of a style on a budget

  9. Raleene! :D Hahaha! :D We want to go back din for our next trip, SG uli haha! :D Super kulang 4 days! ;p

    Taradiddles! :) That's so cool! :) A touring subject! :D <3 Thanks for appreciating the photos, was only using my cheapo digicam, glad it cooperated! :)


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