Harry Potter was my dream prom date + DLSU bazaar

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Went out last Sunday to meet Ana in Greenbelt and watch Harry Potter 7.1. She came fresh from her KL-SG trip, and even watched HP in KL (with subtitles! haha!) but she said it's ok with her. Huling huli nako with fellow hardcore The Boy Who Lived fans, so I went for this although still tired with BBM!

After buying tickets for her and her sister on next day screening, we decided to risk it and go to MOA to view our hero on IMAX. Ubos na lahat ng tickets of earlier time, so we wasted around 4 hours to wait for the 11pm screening! ;D Adik!

Selling point ko daw sabi ni Ana:
 "Worth it ang P350 ng IMAX, free popcorn!!!" --- Inubo ubo naman ako sa bbq flavored popcorn, na you have to pay 10 bucks for the flavor! ;p 

My "costume" hehe...
 I owned this shirt since highschool. In love talaga ako noon kay Harry Potter. Then Daniel Radcliffe! :D
 Wouldn't comment much, but just have to say that I love the film! :D I think what made HP so special to me is growing up with it, and how the storyline just revolve around TRUE FRIENDSHIP. :,) HUHUHU! Dobbyyyy!!!!
Thanks Ana for this! "Such a beautiful place to be with friends!"

Slept over in Ana's place, the next day, dad picked me up with all my bazaar stuff and went straight to DLSU for the One Million Trees bazaar project of the science department. I was late, it rained, and my stuff got damp/wet...But I will not complain! La Salle students helped me with my things, and everyone's so supportive of my sales!

Working as a one-man team, people even volunteer to watch over my stall so I can go on CR breaks and even buy my lunch in the nearby canteen (which they happily show to me. :))
 My vegetable tempura with rice for only P67!!!

My almost empty racks ;-)

Thank you so much to my sukis! Shout out to my meet up buyers and even for-shipping buyers that I met there: Megann, Rachelle, Steph, Pau, Angela, and blogger Vern! :) Thanks also to the barkada who helped me when my stuff got wet, and for keeping me company! :) <3 Kaya pala they have the tagline Love ko La Salle. Love ko na talaga dito!: ) Hehe!

The bazaar is still on going till Thursday! Anagon Collection is in the  DLSU's SJ Walk from 9 to 5! :) See you there!!!


  1. I miss the DLSU bazaars! And yesterday's downpour was just insane I'd have to say! Glad your things are all okay! :)

  2. Harry Potter ♥

    I saw it twice na, gusto ko pa ng isa pa :D

    Good luck on your bazaar stint sis! Sayang talaga di ako nakapunta ng Brown Bag Market, 38 hours ako walang tulog nun eh XD

  3. I'm so inlove with the movie!!! Super fan mode din ako nung nanood kami..:D


  4. It was nice seeing you there, Ana! :) Thank you for letting me chill there a bit today. Hope sales are going great for you! Good luck with your last day tomorrow. Sana hindi na umulan para hindi hassle. Prepare plastics! ;) I'll see you again then hopefully. :)

  5. Tabitha! SOBRA! That's the word: insane! ondoy mode e :P

    Smarla: Naenjoy ko sya I can "krissyfied" it: Watch the film as much as I can while it's still showing! :D haha!!!

    Krissy!! Super rerepeat uli kami this weekend!!! Hahaha shucks lakas ng resistensya mo!!! Sana mamana ko yan sayo hihihi! More bazaars I hope, lalo this december!---do pray for meeee!!!

    Mickey: Hahaha! Kulang nalang nag cloak ako! When I was waiting outside the cinema, sabi ko sa friend ko "bat ako lang naka harry potter shirt?" hahaha!

    Megann! Oo naman! I love it that girls are comfy to chill in my booth. <3 =) Ill miss my bazaaring stint there! :D Hehe!!


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