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Friday, November 19, 2010

Fashionista Friend Award from Ava!

Show me a fashionable photo of you when you were a kid, and a fashionable photo of you on present time, and tell me how you've changed over the years.

Sorry if I am too lazy to look up for a really fashionista photo then and now! :) But I think it's cute to find out I've been sporting heart sunnies ever since! ;p I wish I can still find my old yellow pair, hehe!


Tagged by Nadine and Scarlet April. Thanks girls! :-)

1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.

Seven Random Facts:
1) I love to compete with myself. From time to time, I'll just look back on my past self (through my diaries, blogs, through Multiply) and realize how far better I was then. In terms of fashion or hairstyle, and even in terms of attitude and outlook!

2) I miss taking up short courses/classes. If I have all the money in the world (like winning the LOTTO!!!), I will take up all fun classes I can think of: cooking, sewing, photography, fashion, driving, etcetera. In 2008, Krissy and I took a 3-day writing workshop in Powerbooks!

3) I am the biggest introvert. I am painfully-shy, sometimes you'll hate me for having "maling-hiya"! I can't even imagine this life I am living: meeting up with sooo many people (from buyers to suppliers) who are all different and comes from all walks of life! But I love people! Maybe that's why although I am awkward, I enjoy meeting new people through my business, and even through the bloggers events!

4) I am the "unhealthy vegetarian"! Haha! When there's nothing to eat, I don't mind eating instant noodles! I love Lucky Me Baked Mac and Pancit Canton! ;P

5) My friends made me realize that I am the only Barx who hasn't missed a barkada trip yet! I was there in 2008 Bangkok with Marj, 2009 Wow Philippines trips with Geo (Davao, Coron, Bukidnon, CDO, etc), 2009 Bora with Marj, Reg, and Tamems, 2010 Bora with Abi, Mel, Chicks, Mons, and Geo, 2009 HK-Macau with Tamems, Ans, and Alli, 2010 Viet-Cambodia with Tamems and Ans, and now Singapore with Alli and Geo! Gala kung gala, at ayaw pahuli! ;)

First out-of-country trip using funds from my own pockets: Bangkok 2008 with Marj! :)

6) I am currently craving for Bannaple!!! :P Heard they just opened their branch in Makati!!!!

And lastly, 7) I was once part of Candymag's Council of Cool! :) They made my senior year in college memorable with the coolest assignments like interviewing the band Imago!

***Last night, Ms. Mia, editor-in-chief of Candy Mag texted to congratulate me on my Tea Party few weeks ago. :) Natouch ako with her last message! :)

Always and forever a Candy Girl at heart. Coming from the EIC herself, this text made my day!
Thank you Candymag for supporting me in all my endeavors ever since! :,)

Won't tag anyone! Go ahead and post away!!! :)


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