Singapore Style Diaries: Day 1

Monday, November 15, 2010

DAY 1: Travelling with "Noelle"

Bought my first brogues days before my SG trip! :) I got Ichigo Shoes' Tan Noelle Brogues for P880 at Glorietta's The Ramp! I love that this brand carries really pretty flats suitable for travelling in style--without compromising the comfort! :)

Airport Outfit:
Worn with a nice checkered double-button jacket, brown bubble skirt, and Anagon wired headband! :)
Effects lang yun kamay, kay Alli yun! Hehehe! Photo taken in our room in Rucksack Inn 2! :)

 But before that....
Airport with Ate to meet Alli. Meet our terno luggages and pillows! :D

With Alli in the Airport! Bought SBC panini for on-plane breakfast!

Welcomed by SG with a heavy downpour! :D 

Met Geo in our backpackers' hostel (Rucksack Inn 2)! She had an earlier flight, and had to sleep in McDo to wait for the sunrise! :D

First Day Shopping!
Changed into roomier clothes to shop shop shop on our first day!
Beanie (H&M), Floral Jumpsuit (worn as harem pants), Studded Denim Vest (DIY), Tan Brogues (Ichigo)
This is the same jumpsuit from the Accessorize event! :)

Lunch first! Walked to Chinatown for really cheap and delish treats!!!

I love that they offer so much options for the vegetarians! :D

My yummy vegetarian meal, which costed me less than P100!
Oo, inulam ko yung hashbrown! :)

Milk Teas na same price as our meals:
Geo and I challenged ourselves to a search for the best milk tea in SG!

More Chinatown strolling!

With one of the new friends with met in our inn! He's the one who recommended Chinatown for our lunch!

Nabaliw sa SG:
Went CRAZY and WILD shopping in ION Mall for Rubi shoes and Cotton On!!! :D
Wasted almost the rest of our day there! Nakakaadik yun shoes nila! I bought a pair of clogs at P600ish lang!

Rested our aching feet with a merienda in DON, a conveyor belt sushi restaurant!

Stroll Around Clarke Quay:

We decided to end our first day in SG by strolling SG's nightlife location: Clarke Quay! Which is just walking distance from our inn!

Decided to change into a comfy white shirt, denim shorts, and pulled back my hair with my reversible beanie (also the one I wore earlier, now in its white-black stripes side! :)) Still in my Ichigo brogues :)

The killer "parang-garterized-lang" ride! :D
We saw the reverse bungy, GX-5 extreme ride..And decided to go for it!!! :D

We watched a group of really big fat guys ride the GX-5...And hindi naman nasira. HAHA. Ang sama ko!
Now or NEVER! Kailangan makasakay na bago pa umurong ang tapang ko!
Geo didn't want to ride with us at first, but the lokong operator offered us SGD5 discount for each ticket if we can take Geo with us! :D

And sooo... we did it! :D And survived!!!

Beside the two girls who survived ang aking malutong na pagmumura in mid-air:
Oo, kung san-san ko na sila kinukurot nyan, hahaha!

Umiichigo Brogues padin kahit sa reverse bungy!
Di ko cinarry belles to promise!

More around-the-city photo ops! :)

Sa fountain...

Sa may puno...

Sa may kalye....

Parang day-off lang ni inday! ;D

Thanks SG for welcoming us with a bang! :D Hahaha! :) Three outfits in a day, kaya wala nakong masuot nung last day e, hahaha! :) 

Thanks girlies! :) <3

Geo's FB post today, day after our trip: "Hey Ana Gonzales Belline Allison San Pedro I read this quote on the TV screen at the Dhoby Ghaut station while waiting for the last train that I rode for this trip - "I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and I love today" by William Allen White. wehehehehehehehehe natawa at natuwa naman ako, I think the quote is for the 3 of us. I miss you guys already.... see you soon."



  1. You guys look like you are having an awesome time! I love milk tea, just tried Bubble Tea on Wilson and I need to learn how to make jasmine milk tea myself!

    How are the Ichigo brogues? I've been wondering if they are perfect for overseas travel (long walks and no bruises). :D Say hi to Geo and your Ate!

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  2. aww, ana! you finally got a pair of ichigo! i envy you!!^_^ and i love all the outfits you wore on your SG trip! I dream of going there someday. Sigh. Looks beautiful!

  3. Hi Arianne!! Wow I want! :D Tried Serenitea and Zentea palang! :) We had hot milk tea in Toastbox SG din, it was wayyy better than most of the milkteas i've tried! :D Regarding the brogues, I didn't even get blisters! :D I just picked a size smaller --my real size is not available, so medyo tired feet lang by the end of the day! :)

    Thank you so much Ava! :D Pag nag grad ka na im sure you'll go everywhere din! :))) Ang saya magtravel!! :) <3

  4. OMG! I have a photo with the "Shoes makes me happy..." wall too! And I love love Cotton On! But I didn't know there was a store called Rubi!!! :-(

  5. Heehee! :D Super cute nun wall kasi hahaha! :D I was surprised na may separate store ang Rubi!!! <3

  6. me love love the beanie ms.ana :)) i can see it in your pictures that your always having fan :) smiling person .

  7. I love the flats! Those really look comfy. I saw those at The Ramp Trinoma, but I didn't buy it because I opted to buy another item. Sayang!

    And I love the jumpsuit you wore. Stylishly comfy.

    You can never be under/over dressed with a white shirt on! :)

  8. I laughed so much upon reading this post Ana! I must say I love the brogues :)

  9. LOVE your photos Ana! Awwww I miss Singapore! XD

    Tara, let's travel din next year! Kasi marerefresh ang VL credits ko na hahaha!

  10. nagenjoy ako sa post mo ana!!!:) heeee. i want that superficial wall!:) looks like you had fun. mag out of the country din tau soon ahahaha promise masaya kami kasama ni mich. tara!:)

  11. Thanks! i love laughing and smiling even with my crooked teeth ahhaha! :D Nothing beats a life with good vibes!

    ishna! thank you so much! i actually wanted to be stylish during trips coz people there are more to weird styles! thanks for noticing!!! :)

    Denise! Hahaha thank you so much! that's the goal in life...more than being fashionable, i love to make people happy! :D

    Yehey thank you Krissy! i really hope we can travel in the future...right now im trying to save my deads wallet/accounts hahaha...but, all worth it when spent travelling!!! :)))

    Pax! super salamat!!! :D Hahaha! Bagay sayo may pic din dun, shoeaholic ka! :D gusto ko yun nude pumps mo! :) Sana nga makatravel ako with you an mich, for sure laughtrip ka kasama!! :D

  12. First time ko to see Rubi was in HK! Really cute flats no? :D I was really happy to see Rubi in SG too haha

  13. Hihihi onga! :D And panay shoes lang tuloy nabuy ko for myself hahaha!


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