Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I love Hong Kong's "Octopus"

We used this reloadable card to pay for all our public transportation expenses (except for cabs, but we mostly rode the MTR and buses anyway). Other than that, the Octopus card can also be swiped in their convenience stores, vendo machines, and some restaurants!

Buying bottles and bottles of water in the 7eleven

Waiting for the train

Convenience in a card!

Few days ago, I was going from a Taft meet up to an EDSA meet up which required me to cross from LRT1 to the MRT. If you're a commuter like me, you'll know the two entrances in the EDSA MRT Station: One for the general public, and the other is a "special" and less crowded entrance for the pregnant women, disabled, those with kids, the senior citizens, and those with Stored Value tickets already. 

I already entered the "special" lane when I realized I left my stored value card somewhere! I was ready to brave the public entrance, when I saw right across the barrier the area's huge crowd which instantly triggered my claustrophobia even from that distance. Seryoso! I decided to have a gulaman in the food stalls while coming up with a plan, when I saw this in the pa-loadan booth:

A reloadable AXS E-Cash Wallet!

This is a tap-and-go card for the MRT, launched by VMobile technologies. Sort of our very own "Octopus", except that it is only accepted in the MRT, and can't even buy you a KitKat in 7eleven. Hopefully next time they'll accept this at least in all three railways!

Still, the card was a lifesaver, and I only have to cash out P50 minimum, consumable. =)

Waley lang. Excited lang ako sa commuting experience in Singapore. Heard they have a really organize system! ;p


  1. Sayang sis kung may time sana I should've given you my E-Link card, may laman pa yun 9SGD, syempre di ko naman magamit dito. Sayang :(

  2. Wah sayang nga! :D Haha! But ok din yan remembrance! :)) Kami binalik namin yun card for refund, but atleast may pic! :) hehe!: D

  3. wow that's cool!:) same as taiwan. my mom has a card wherein we can use it for the bus and MRT. I wish manila had that kind. :) happy trip, ana!!

  4. Grabe mas cool nga yun ganun! :) Really helpful for the commuters like moi! ;) Hehe! :) Thank you Ava, hoping for the best trrrip!! :D

  5. Have a wonderful vacation babe!!!! Thank you sa comment, touched ako!!!

  6. Sana pwede rin 'yan sa LRT 2. If ever meron, super student-friendly na. :))

    I love the Octopus too. Ang cool kasi kahit di tanggalin sa wallet nakaka-scan pa rin. :)

  7. Thank you Nicole! :) Iba pag maganda yun dress... but better if maganda din yun pag style! :)

  8. Nadine! :) Onga pala yun ang pinakamaganda sa octopus..nasscan kahit nasa wallet lang! :D sana nga for all stations na sya pwede (axs) =)

  9. I'm a commuter as well, and I take both LRT and MRT. There's this one time that I was so mad because my card was rejected thrice by MRT. The guard approached me and so I complained. It turned out that the card that was rejected was for LRT. :-/ It was embarrassing!

    I really hope we'll have a card which can be used for both LRT 1&2 and MRT! :)

    Have fun on your trip! :)

  10. you look so cute in the first photo...parang bata! haha.

  11. tama ka jan teh! super organized din jan. enjoy your trip!!!:) inggit ako. see you sa BBM!

  12. I want to ride the Octopus too. Haven't been there yet.

    But yes, I hope the MRT and LRT lines have the same card na lang.

    Have fun in your trip!

  13. hi ana! i awarded you on my blog, do check it out when you have the time! tnx! :)

  14. Ishan, Kookie, Pax, Smarla and Scarlet April: THank you so much!!! :)


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