The FACEHUNTER is here!

 Yvan Rodic 

Manila is so bongga bongga!

...And loving his major major comment about Manila! :D Woot! Will I see you tomorrow? :) Nah? This might change your mind, omg.:

Tagged in this screencap by the lovely blogger Ef in FB, I realized that I will not only be meeting Yvan Rodic tomorrow, but also Liz Uy, and a whole lot more of Manila's Most Fashionable! :D


Thank you Adidas, Status Magazine, and Ms. Angela for this event--a great year ender for such a fab, fashionable, 2010! :D <3

Event details here and here.


  1. SEE YOUUUUU!!!! I super cannot wait!! :-)

  2. I so envy you guys! too bad I cant come! boo :I have fun!

    xx, Channie

  3. Awww it would have been great to have you there sis!! There's always a next event though! :)

  4. 7 hours before the event and still have nothing to wear... Hahaha.. Goodluck saken! :P

  5. See you Ava!!!
    Honey hahaha ako meron na pero medyo sabaw lang hehehe sana ok naman! :D


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