2011 Beauty Resolutions

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

As someone who is always out-and-about, on the go for every "smokin" jeep rides and "blockbuster" train adventures, The Fashionista Commuter still tries to look her best when she reaches her Anagon Buyer Meet Ups, Barx-n-Bullies Gimmicks, and all the fab Blogger Events! Here are my Beauty Resolutions for the year, as I sometimes forget that beautiful clothes shine most when matched with beautiful skin& hair, and appropriate make up. :)

Beauty Resolution #1: Experiment with a new haircut AND hair color! I wouldn't want to chop my hair short again ala Beatles Cut years ago...So I'll try lots of layers and a nice shade for my crowning glory. Any suggestions please! :D

Beauty Resolution #2: Commit to a skincare regimen! I have to regularly exfoliate and moisturize with Kustie Scrub Jam products!

Hidden Treasure: Kustie Products in Festival Mall Watsons!

Check out their Facebook Page for a list of products and where to find them! I personally would love to try their Cucumber or Coconut products! :)

Cucumber ScrubJam contains natural fibers that reduces extra skin oil and helps remove dirt and impurities. Cucumber also has a cooling and refreshing effect on our skin.

Beauty Resolution #3: Take care of myself more! I'd like to go on a spa or have a body massage at least once every 2 months, for wellness sake. And of course, let's see if mapaninidigan ko to: SLEEP EARLY!

Beauty Resolution #4: Learn the basics on putting my own make up!

I had the chance to recently try my skillz on make up when I tried my new loot from L'Oreal Paris Philippines!

First to apply is the primer, wherein I tried out the new L'Oreal Base Magique which retails at p945. I tell you, I am no make up expert but I enjoyed applying this make up base as it transforms my not-so-kagandahan skin into "velvety touch, flawless finish"! (tagline of the product, hehe)

Seriously, after applying Base Magique evenly on my face, my skin is already a perfect canvass for my concealer, blush, eye shadow, etcetera. L'Oreal Base Magique can also be worn alone, as the product made my skin smooth and even--my first reaction was "parang nag powder lang!". Took photos after, but I'll share that later. ;)

The second challenge: Applying my own EYE make up!

As Tamems (my make up enthusiast friend) would constantly tell me whenever she preps me for blogger events: Eye make up is always the hardest to create. I think L'Oreal Open Eyes Pro helps a make up-newbie like me on step-by-step application of the eye shadow.

My Palette: I chose "Grey Harmony" para medyo basic black and white lang. See how "conservative" I am with make ups! Also available in Blue Harmony, Beige Harmony and Plum Harmony (P875)

The product comes with two applier tips, and a little mirror. :) Compact make up, indeed!

But what I love most about the L'Oreal Open Eyes Pro is the instructions at the back of the palette!
Noob-friendly make up, I was able to follow the easy-steps! Again, will share photos in a bit. :)

And lastly.......

Beauty Resolution #5: Wear LIPSTICK! I can be duwag when it comes to wearing lip colors especially on ordinary days. But my new L'Oreal Shiny Grapefruit just suits my taste--not too bold for everyday use! At least that's a start! :)

What are YOUR own Beauty Resolutions? :) I am really interested to know!
And so, as promised, here are my "made up" photos! Hah! Again, I am no make up expert (yet! haha!), but through these new fun make ups from L'Oreal Paris Philippines, how can I not try them out? :D Because with L'Oreal, we ladies are definitely worth it. *wink* ;)

Pa-sweet lang, haha:

Dumadrama, hehehe:

Nag enjoy naman ako sa kaka-vain pics, hahaha! Leaving you with this crazy collage! :D

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  1. My beauty resolution is to be open to facial with pricking. Takot ako dun but them I read something about how important it is from Shen's blog so go go go nako! I think I'm ready for it! yiyeks! Thanks for reminding me about my beauty resolution... =)

  2. OMG Aie takot din ako dun :PPP Umiiyak talaga ako, to the point na nilalagyan nako ng taga prick ng tissue sa mata hahaha! :D but if it's really good for the skin, nakup, i might try that again a :D

  3. Amazing, Ana! Make sure you have a hardcopy of this list kasi baka makalimutan mo. :) You look darling!

    Re: hair cut. I feel that THIS or THIS might suit your face shape (minus the bangs on the 2nd pic; mas bagay sayo yung sideswept fringe). I just don't know if you are game for it. Gusto ko makita sa hair mo, may bulk sa likod. Feel ko bagay sayo :D

  4. This inspired me to make my own beauty resolutions list too! First on the list it to never forget doing everything on the list. :P

  5. Ako din, pareho tayo! commit to a skincare regimen!!!!!!

    love your hair :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  6. OMG I love the hair cuts, herroyalbleakness!!! :D Gotta try one of those by my bday! :D Hahaha! :D Im so excited! :D Makeover nato!!! :D

    Joyce: Thank you so much!!! Yes that's really witty of you!!! First resolution nga dapat yan! :D Omg and I'm already breaking the "sleep early" thing! :D hahaha!

  7. Thanks Melai!!! :D Tama yan, dont forget na mag lotion before matulog, ok? :)) Hihihi! :) Thank you so much my sistah! :D :))

  8. aww, ana! ang ganda mo with the makeup!:) love the photos too! oh..hindi ako natutulog ng maaga hahah!

  9. Wahahahah thank you avaaaa!!! :D At ako din eto't gising pakoooo hahahaha!!! No later than two!!! :D Last rounds nalang sa sites ko hahaha! :D

  10. Pretty pictures, Ana! Now I'd like to try the BaseMagique myself! :)

  11. Thank you Ches!!! :) Mas pretty ka! ;) Hehehe! :)) Yup super cool niya, walang pinipiling skin tone ;)))

  12. Ang gondo gondo naman ni Ana o!! Lumalandi o!! Hahaha! Ako din, NY resolution ko din yun skin regimen eh.. I just dyed my hair today.. Haha! Pero gusto ko na magpahaba ulit ng hair.. I miss my long hair..

  13. Hahahaha loka ka Honey! ;D Syempre rumarampa ang lola mo hehehe! Anung hair color/shade you used? :)) I miss my super long hair too! ;p

  14. the lipstick hue suits you well! :) you may have heard/read about this: our skin cells regenerate between 10pm to 2am, hence, best hours to sleep to aid skin rejuvenation. also, moisturize [face, neck, body] nightly especially after exfoliating. :)

  15. ohmygosh!!! I actually didnt know about that hahahah :D Thanks Irene! Naku and I am still up now, trying to help my dad how to "attach files in an email" hahaha! :D Thank you for the compliment too, lovin the lipstick myself :)))


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