And she W.O.N.! :)

Remember this post? Phoebe Rutaquio for Meg Magazine's Next Cover ...

Phoebe wearing Anagon Long Necklace:

Phoebe wearing Anagon Headbands:

All photos by Patty Mendoza.

While browsing through my FB wall, I learned that, OMG, our bet just won the contest!!!

Congrats Phoebe on your first magazine cover!!! I am sure there's more to come.... And a tvc and billboards soon, perhaps? :)


  1. She was my bet too! I was super happy when I found out that she won! :D

    she definitely deserves it! :)

  2. Bet ko siya (parang ang tibo ng dating ko). Anyway, too bad my friend Christia didn't win but I had a feeling Phoebe has the highest chance of winning!!!! Ganda ni beks

  3. She's a real Pinay beauty. Congrats to her!

  4. omygosh! congrats to phoebe!!! i voted for her in the online thingy before! so happy she won! ngayon ko lang nalaman!

  5. I like the black head band so Gossip Girl, Blaire , noh?


  6. Hihihi thank you! :)) Yes, so-gossip girl! :D


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