ANAGON in Green Evolution!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Epic Friday night, as my new brand ANAGON joins DLSU JEMA's Green Evolution:

They told me it will be a summer fashion show at the Gold Palm Events Place in Makati, so I said yes right away. I really wanted to showcase my new line--na hindi ko pa nabibigyan ng decent photo shoot hanggang ngayon--hay. :P
Can you spot the Anagon Collection logo? :)

I tried to go there as late as I can, especially when they informed me the show will start at around 9ish pa, and with the fashion show as the last in their program lineup, haha! Went there coming from pullout with Pax, Jear, and Tatie.

When I got there, ang aga padin! I wasted my time watching the students practice (I felt so old, haha)...And when I went to the restroom, na-coolan naman ako sa toilet functions hahaha!
Ana: "Dapat pinindot mo lahat!"
Hahaha! Didn't try them, though, natakot ako baka kung ano ang lumabas sa toilet, hehehe!

Then the program started--lots of dancing, human beatbox, etcetera. It was a cool night, and the crowd went nuts with the open-bar, hihi! Kabataan nga naman!
I wish student padin ako and I'm with my kabasagan Journ classmates. :) I am sure these kids had a great time!

I also met Mimi, who is also a blogger! :)
I love meeting fellow bloggers when I am out-and-about the Metro. It was nice to have a short chat with her, although we can't hear each other na! Haha! Till next events dear!

When the fashion show started, And and I stood up from our little corner at the back of the venue (near the open-bar, haha)...As we tried to witness the first exposure of my new baby brand:


First Model: A Simple Life necklace from ANAGON
Second Model: Wired Heads from Anagon Collection

The place was jam-packed, I wasn't able to take good pictures. =/ I'll wait for their official photog to post their photos nalang! :)

Thank you Angelique of DLSU JEMA for inviting me to this event, and for accommodating me during the show. :) <3 

And lastly, kahit wala tayong pictures that night at kahit mukhang tayo na ang pinaka matatanda na umattend ng event na yun...

A BIG thank you to my sistah from anotha mistah Ana for being with me to share this humble achievement for my brands. :) Sobra sobrang I appreciate your company! Wala tayong photo...Pero nasingit ka sa picture from Mimi's camera.....
Photo from Mimi
WAHAHAHA! Spot Ana 2! :D Hehehe!

I always say this, and sasabihin ko uli: Para saan pa ang lahat kung walang family or friends who will tell you at the end of the day that they're proud of you, you've done well, and that they love you. I will always be thankful to God for giving me the most supportive family and friends.

Again, thank you De La Salle University JEMA, and palakpakan naman guyz for ANAGON and Anagon Collection! :D Yahoo!



  1. You're very blessed to have supportive friends and family. Congrats to your new collection! Cute nung wire headband... astig!!!:D

  2. Congrats to your new collection! :)
    It was so nice to finally meet you! I wanted to talk to you nung Univ Week kaso your stall was always full of people :))

  3. clap, clap, clap! congrats! love your shirt! :)

  4. I miss La Salle events! And JEMA's Greenevo! :)
    So glad you got to be a part of the fashion show :)

  5. Abbie: Thank you so much! :))) Really hope ANAGON will make it big! :))

    Thanks Mimi! So happy that you approached me, pag natatahimik ka sa event, the best thing that'll happen to you is may makakilala sayo :) Thanks loves! :))

    Thank you Sarah!!! Oxygen! :D Hahah! :)))

    Tabitha: thank you! :)) Youre from dlsu sis?:) I love DLSU kids :))

  6. I remember seeing that kind of toilet in a Korean telenovela. Apparently, most Japanese toilets are already like that. Kainggit naman.

  7. Kainggit!!! :P What are the other buttons for? :D Hihi! :D

  8. Congratulations to your new collection! You went to La Salle pala! Sayang, I should've went to this event pala! Could have been my chance to see you again! xD

  9. Oops mah bad. The event wasn't in DLSU pala, haha! Still, it was a Lasallian event. I should've still went to at least check out your collection in person. :)

  10. Congratulations on this!! :) I love thepieces! :)

  11. Pau: Hahahah! :D Thank you though! :)) Im sure may next time pa to!!! :D Sana bazaar uli..incampus :) <3

    Thank you Michelle, I appreciate this! :) Praying for more BIG breaks :) Thank you for supporting me :)

  12. Ang ganda ng top na yan, Ana! Gusto ko din nyan! :) Congrats sa achievements ng Anagon Collection!


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