Store I Adore: Ghoent Junior

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I have always been in love with soft bags with quirky designs:

Convertible into hand or sling bag:

And I also have a thing with Vintage Bauls:

That's why when I learned about the online shop Ghoent Junior, I instantly fell in love all over again.

The brand Ghoent Junior came from the founders' names Ghoent and Jan Ralph, both smart kids who went to UP Diliman. The cute couple started this online shop by helping each other in creating items that are not mass produced. Ghoent (yes, that's a girl's name!) is in charge of the designs of the products and the site maintenance, while Jan Ralph takes care of the logistics such as sourcing for materials, transporting, and storing the goods.

"We are not trend followers; partly because we can not afford such a lifestyle, and mainly because we are unbelievably practical," said the adventurous and fun-loving Ghoent Junior owners in their website.

"We are at a constant search for the discovery of things - whether its the best burger store that's existing (Wham! Burgers is our current champion), to the most random (and probably useless) questions like: what is infinity divided by infinity? "

"Chuck Palahniuk is one of Jan Ralph's favorites. We are inspired by what he said:
The goal is not to live forever; the goal is to create something that will."

Impressive, indeed. :)

Ghoent Junior is part of The Fashionista Commuter's Big Birthday Giveaway!


  1. Those bauls, I love!!!! I've been ogling bauls for a long while now but the ones I see in the mall art shops are too expensive. :(

  2. The ones from Ghoent Junior are fairly priced na sis :))) Go check out their site! :D :))) Ako din super into bauls, antiques, and vintage stuff hahaha :D ang hirap, especially kung hindi naman ako neat na tao and nagpapile lang sa room mga gamit na to hahaha!

  3. wow ang gaganda ng bags!:) and the bauls look one-of-a-kind!:) must check them out!

  4. Go Ava!!! :)) They have lots of nifty finds in their site, and marami sa kanila sold out na akk! :DDD

  5. i love unique bags like this. i'm not a very adventurous dresser, so i like to mix it up with my bags and accessories.

    by the way, i love chuck palahniuk. his books are crazy amazing and his imagination is so warped.

  6. I will check this out! I looooove the bauls!!

  7. I ♥ GhoentJunior too! I've got my cute sunday dress from them, very affordable too! And the owners are just amazing. I hope they stay together, forever! ♥ Haha

  8. Jillian: I love Haunted by Palahniuk...super unforgettable! :D But I still want to read it again and again :)

    Michelle: They have cool bags too!!! :) Wishing theyll have bigger versions din next time, im sure patok yun! :))

    Elka: Cool couple noh? Im so inggit, wish i have a bf din na into business ba, naks! ;D hahahha! :D

  9. Love the second bag, Ana! :)

    I'm sending the item na tomorrow. Sorry for the delay ha! :) Dapat lalagyan ko ng note kaso nagmamadali na yung inutusan ko. Haha. I chose that top kasi bagay yun sa style mo. And oks na oks yun para sa giveaway mo. Thanks, Ana!

    --Nariese/Thrift Bar

  10. Ana, super thanks for this! <3 You know how much we (bf and I) appreciate this. =)

    Elka, thaaaaank you! I hope we stay together forever too. HAHA. =P

    To everyone's kind words, salamat! Your are always welcome to check out our stuff! =)


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