J is for Jeans

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am not your jeans kind of girl. I love my shorts, but my pants? Nevahmind

That's why when I wore my denim pants last weekend for Saturday Movie Club with Ana (we watched Limitless, cool film!) friend had a good laugh. I never bought a pair in the recent months because they can be so uncomfy and mainit suotin, but for this Style A-Z mini blog project, gora nalang! Haha! Anyway, I had this pair since college--when skinny jeans were starting to be uso palang! :D

"It is very stressful, that is, until you realize that it's not the label or the cost that makes a pair of jeans perfect; it's the way they fit and the way they make you feel. Mostly, it's about how you look when you walk away..." - The One Hundred, Nina Garcia

I hope I can find that perfect pair of jeans...So perfect, I'll find reasons to wear them every time I go out! Haha!

Here are other things we did on our Saturday afternoon malling / chilling out, aside from watching Limitless:

UCC Fries and Drinks. <3
Creme Brulee for Ana, and Berry Blue Banana for me! :)

Shopping galore for my friend, with me as her "feeling-personal-stylist"! Ang sarap pala mag shop sa Zara, lalo kung taga pili ka lang, at medyo walang iniisip na budget yun "client" mo, haha! :D

I don't want my solo pic taken, so ayan! Haha!

Dinner in Greenbelt 3's Recipes after all the summer-finds hauling in Zara Glorietta, Zara GB, and F&X! Yaman mo Ana, yaman sa credit limit! Hehehe! :D

My spring rolls..

Ana's gising-gising...

I tried their new General's Tofu! :D Super sarap nito, must-try! :)

They actually used the sauce from their house specialty General's Chicken. The crisp texture of the tofu and the sweet thick sauce goes sooo well! And I just love that they have vegetarian-friendly options in their menu. :) <3

Ana's. I don't know kung ano ito, sorry, hehe!

Didn't order rice for dinner, I realized mabilis man ako mag lose ng weight...10X ata ang super bilis ng pag gain! :P But still...Two ulams just for me, hahaha, too much padin! Diet daw oh, haha. We tend to overeat whenever we go to Recipes. :P Must avoid that place, or else hindi na magkakasya yang college jeans ko sakin! Haha!

Other J:
Jewelry Pouches


  1. I've eaten there before! I love the gising gising! :D

  2. Ay ang sarap! :D Nagccrave tuloy ako ngayon nun tofu :P Huhuhuhu!

  3. Ang sarap naman ng foods! I love tofu pa naman! :-)

    I actually became the stylist of my Mom few days ago and ang sarap nga to style someone. :-)

  4. i used to think that im the tshirt-jeans type of girl. but when i pick my clothes, i usually grab the shorts/skirts. oh well, you cant really blame us. it must be the weather.

    nevertheless, im still on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans. :)

  5. the general's chicken is the bomb! i prefer the tofu variation, must try that! :)

  6. Ana! I really love your top, love ko talaga striped tops na white yun other color, ang ganda lang ;D

    Looking for jeans is really hard for me too, kasi it's either maluwag sa waist, or maiksi. My favorite pair I actually bought from 168, as in 200 lang siya and super perfect ang fit! Yun yun suot ko nun nag-get together sa Starbucks GH :D Pero yesterday I shopped (yes bday shopping haha) sa Candie's in TriNoma and I bought a pair of jeans there na super perfect! <333

    Sorry ang haba haha miss you sis! Enjoy Boracay! :D

  7. you should try Recipe's Laing. it's one of my fave! :)


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