Why I will never get over vacations! :-P

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Been stressing a lot these days, when I realized that maybe I am not yet over our Boracay trip. Hay. Please flash forward to April 26!!!! (Another Bora trip with Barx, this time planned and KKB na, hehehehe).

Anyway, here are the happenings on our first day...

So we learned that we will be staying in Boracay Regency, courtesy of Coca Cola! :) 

I love the place, super sosyal lang and ang laki! 
In my Bora standards kasi, the last time Barx went there, ok na basta may room and CR heehee.

Our room for 2 nights

When we entered our room, we saw these in our bed! :D

Surprises from the sponsors, yehey! :D

Super thank you Argentina, Swish, Myra, Cinema One, Enervon, Star Studio, and Coca Cola for all the gifts!!! :)

Endorsers? Hehehe!

Si Tameme kelangan din ishow off Star Studio, haha

I love our room! Suuuper big! :D Three beds (sa akin nila binigay yun biggest bed, buti naman haha), nice CR, TV which wasted our time during the afternoons (AI and ANTM ftw!), veranda na favorite ng Bullies (hehe), and syempre, and coffee station! :D

After settling in our room, we decided to stroll around the white sands, and hangout anywhere other than our room!


Beach Dog! :D Haha!

When we reached Station 1, of course we had to stop over Jonahs' for their famous fruit shakes!!!

Except that I ordered coffee padin, hehe

Low energy kasi, kailangan ng Enervon. ;P

We waited for the Bora sunset... Wow ang daming tao!

Snap 1:


...And 3! Le sigh. :")

After awhile, we walked back going to our dinner place, when we saw the famous Bora isaw stand!

Syempre kelangan umorder nun dalawa! :D

Sabi ni Ana the best padin UP isaw, hahaha, loyal? :D

Went further to Station 2, and dropped by Starbucks while we waited for our dinner, courtesy again of Cinema One and Coca Cola. :) Bought this mug for my Starbucks City Mug collection! :D

Yehey bu-fet nanaman! :D Haha! Sira na ang pigure! ;P

Late that night...While searching for a nice place na matambayan, we saw...
Hahaha! Syempre dapat magpa pic ni Tameme with the biceps! Hahaha!
We again saw my idol Saab Magalona, and the Bullies were teasing me already, medyo malabo lang. Girl crush? Haha! I told them kasi magpapapic nako when we see her that day uli, hahaha. Pero hindi ko sya matawag, nashy ako hehe! :D

We decided to spend the night in Summer Place. We didn't know what to expect in that bar, in terms of the crowd. Pero bumenta naman samin yung night na yun... If you're into people watching and you're with the right people na you can go crazy with...

Kahit nasan ka pa, at kahit hindi niyo afford mag hard drinks kaya pa-beer beer nalang (hahaha)... You know it will always always end up to be an epic night! :D

Tamems: "It was a wild night, indeed!"

Hahaha! ;D <3

Special thanks to Coca Cola for bringing me and my friends to Boracay! It was a great summer kick-off! Super thank you too to Cinema One and Candy Mag. :)


  1. no way!!! you're friends with Me-an H.?! she's my ka-village. she's my brother's friend also. :D small world.

  2. Hey Dash! :) Yes!!! :D WAIT DONT TELL MEEEE....Ang bro mo si DOT???

  3. Wahaha! Natuwa ako dun sa beach dog. Sobra. He's so cuuuuute!

  4. hahaha! napaka-obvious dahil sa pangalan namin. :) morse code eh noh? haha!

  5. Hahahah cute noh! :D Higang higa! Lambot daw kasi white sand haha :D

    dash- naging grad ball date ko si kuya mo! hahahah!!! :D buti hindi ako awkward nun, slight lang, kahiya! hahaha! :D cool naman, i love your blog! :)))

  6. Ang sosyal-sosyal! For sure very memorable to sis! I love trips like this <3

  7. Woooow!! Namiss ko tuloy ang bora. First time ko pumunta nung December. Nakita ng kapatid ko si Puck from Glee!

  8. wow!!! i envy you for traveling a lot!! :P you are so blessed!! <3 <3

  9. wow, you've checked out my blog? awesome! :D btw, hindi ko kuya si Dot... ako yung ate. haha! thanks, it only means I look much younger than him. ;) and yeah, i've asked him about you... and he told me about the grad ball thingy. haha!


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