Sweet Sweet Sunday =)

Monday, June 27, 2011

My FAVORITE brewed coffee. <3 (Plus the fries dad bought for the Tri-Go (Three Gonzaleses, hehe))

Finally able to attend a FEAST again. :)

Where I learned so many beautiful worship songs. :)

My current favorite:

So I lift my eyes to You, Lord
In Your strength will I break through, Lord
Touch me now, let Your love fall down on me
I know Your love dispels all my fears
Through the storm I will hold on, Lord
And by faith I will walk on, Lord
Then I’ll see beyond my Calvary one day
And I will be complete in You

Brother Arun:
There is nothing too small for God. If it matters to you, it matters to Me. If God is concerned with your small matters, imagine how much more for your big needs?

There is no dichotomy between ministry and your life. Because God cares for you.

The reason why we are so frustrated with people is because only God can satisfy. 

Ms. Rissa:
My wine ran dry. The great bible characters went through this. The dark night of the soul. Desolation. Even Mother Theresa, even Jesus, one time in their life, couldn't feel God. It happens. It happens to the best of us.

Three things you can do when your wine runs dry:
1) Find God in the ordinary.
When Elijah was depressed, what did God do for him? 
Pinakain, pinainom, pinatulog.

2) Keep praying.
In here, Ms. Rissa timingly mentioned Eat Pray Love! :) Sit, and smile. There's no right or wrong way of praying. In Psalms, not all prayers are nice. Angry prayers are still prayers. God is big enough to take it. One day, you won't be so angry anymore.

3) Surround yourself with holy company. :)
Happy people = good vibes. :)

In the middle of the final worship song, we encountered power interruption -- as in nag brownout sa mall! :P 
But the people continued singing. I felt God in the silence. I love you Jesus.

Later on went to the bookstore, and got my July Candy Magazine! :)

Thank you Lord for another blessing, for my baby, Anagon Collection! :) (more please! :))

Sad Ate and Cea, disappointed na scrinap sila sa list para sa Max Chicken All You Can, haha, kawawa!
Plan pa naman namin idocument lahat ng chibugan! As in videohin and pipicturean ko pa naman tong dalawa dapat! :P Hehe!

New book, joint custody namin ni Cea haha. Pero siya panalo in keeping this, dahil mas maganda Ikea red bookshelf nila ni ate. :/ Hehe!


Ate and Cea's "replacement" / pampalubag loob for Max chicken, hehe:

Dessert! :P

Something I keep in my wallet, in case "anxiety attacks"! :P
"Impatience is mistrust in God. Not trusting that everything will fall into place at the best time is believing that your God is a God of no control." - From Sis Osy of The Feast :)

Wore my new faded / grayish pants courtesy of Wise Buy! :) Thank you so much, Sanam! I love it--especially the wash! :D Bihira ako mag pants, pero eto bet na bet ko! :)

I love this day. :) It's so simple, yet so HAPPY. Thank you Lord for blessing me with beautiful songs and inspiring words. Thank you for the blessings that motivate me to strive harder for my goals. Thank you for new dreams that I can freely share to my sisters, who are very supportive. Thank you for my crazy family, and the sobrang entertaining Pilipinas Got Talent and Vice Ganda na benta sa Crazy Gonzales! :) 

Hope you also had a great weekend, and may this be a premonition of an even better week ahead! Mwah!


  1. Congrats on the feature, Ana! :) Kinilig ako for you!!

  2. positivity ana yay! wish u all the happiness -as in 24/7!!

  3. love this path to self-enlightenment that you're currently on. great job! :)

  4. Nina thank you! :) I am sooo happy too, God is good! :) More pls? Haha! :D

    Charlie- Thank you!!! I need that! :) GV all the Way, and yey to BV Busters! <3

    Sarah thank you so much idol! :) Yey! :)) <3

  5. this is nice ana! we may have our up & down moments in life, but rest assured that God is always there for us & with us. btw, congrats on the feature! segue, i miss eating at pancake house, hehe :)

  6. Thank you Jen, i think i am not the "happiest" person but i have such strong faith that i can't easily let go of life and someday becoming really truly happy. Praise God! :) <3 Thanks for the well wishes, and yes, may days na ang sarap mag Pancake House!!! :D

  7. SAya niyo naman nila ate :) And I love the worship discussion you had :) Very inspiring. God is indeed great! no big or small problems that he cannot solve!:)

    More blessing for you, beb!

  8. congrats on the feature, Ana! galing! =) at nagutom na naman ako sa food posts.. gazzzhhh!

  9. Ang cool naman ng feast! Parang party!! :D Congrats on the feature!

  10. I used to read Candy every month when I was still in high school (~2002 to 2006) and I'd usually see you featured there. Hanggang ngayon nafe-feature ka pa rin! Congratulations, Ana! :)

  11. Ava: Thank you so much! :) I also learn a lot from you during our bazaar-ista talkies hehehe, I miss you beb! :)

    Ghoent: hihihi ayun ang goal in life, magpagutom! hehehe :) Thank you so much for the wellwishes! :)

    michelle: true! :) i enjoy it especially the talks part :) thank you!! :)

    Claire: WOW! Hello fellow candygirl since highschool! :) Hihi! :) I will always be thankful for the supportive editors :) Thanks thanks sis! :)


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