Alli's Post-Birthday Celebration :)

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

"Tenesee Williams once wrote: "When so many are lonely as seem to be lonely ... it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone." - Lucas Scott (OTH)

My friend from high school Alli and I planned to go out last Friday to celebrate her birthday, but we moved our lakad (and her office leave) to Monday when I found out my lola passed away. So finally, was able to relax, unwind, and smile back to the crazycrazy world when I went out early Monday morning to meet up with my friend in MRT Ayala. Gusto niya commutin papuntang Greenhills kasi sabi nya: "Ang tagal ko nang hindi nag ttrain!"

We bought our tickets first for Transformers, and then had lunch in "MEXICALI--my favorite!" (if you're my close friend, you'll here me say this phrase whenever Mexicali is mentioned, hehe!)

Alli's choice: Beans, Beans, Beans! Haha! :D

My vegetarian platter! Grilled Vegetables Burrito, Chips, and Cheese and Garlic Quesadillas! :P

I love my foodieeee!
Ang pamatay talaga dito yung sauce! <3

After our lunch, we strolled around the GH's floor na punooong puno ng gadgets, since Alli's goal was really to get a Blackberry na. I also bought screen protectors for Ate's iPad2, and my soon-to-be baby iTouch! :) Sabi ng tindera: "May accessories ka na ma'am, wala pa yung gadget!" Hehehehe.

Then I saw the stall with the red Blackberry! Check out yesterday's blog about the big cellphone swap happening. Our film was about to start, so the seller suggested na I leave a down payment na muna, na ginawa ko naman. Haha. No turning back!!!

Few minutes before our movie sched, Alli and I rushed to Happy Lemon so she can try one of "the world's yummiest drinks", haha!

Our orders:

Too much choices, kalito!

Our new mantra: Happy everyday! :D Haha!

Toast to our "new life"! :)

Transformers in 3D with free popcorn (I got cheese, Alli got the bbq)...And iced tea or water. Sulit na ang P320! :)

I love the film! I am not a big fan of robots and even Transformers (I even forgot na what happened sa first two films, haha), but I enjoyed it naman. Medyo mahaba, but I can't afford to CR break baka may mamiss out ako. I got teary eyed with short Bumble Bee scene towards the end, di ko ma-take! Oh, and hindi ako nahilo kahit I am not into 3D, siguro ok yun glasses ng GH cinemas, or ok lang yun pwesto namin?

Alli and I went back to the gadgets haven after the film...Actually gusto ko na tumakbo, haha! The whole time na nanunuod kami, may distractions in my little head pag naaalala ko yung Blackberry! Alli also got a BB, pero the sosyal na brand new white Bold 9780. :)

Outfit Choice:
Top - Courtesy of Oxygen
Skirt - Mom's
Shoes - Courtesy of Hush Puppies
Shades - i2i
Bag- Cheers101
Not in photo above: Body Chains - Anagon Collection

Hindi ako makapag picture ng mapayapa dahil kay Yating, our askal! Hehehehe.


I love a look na hindi kelangan naka sky-high heels para maging bonggay! :) <3
Love her talaga!

A day is always too short when you're with someone you really really get along with. :) Alli said "Sana palaging ganito!", and I told her na I get bored din minsan with my life na pwedeng lumamierda everyday, haha. I guess now I appreciate this again--may good and down side talaga ang lahat. :) Also, I really enjoyed catching up with Alli, iba talaga siyang kausap! :) I miss you, and yes, let's do this more often! I love you Alli!!! :)
Catch you on BBM! Naknamp, haha!


  1. True friends are really for keeps. It doesn't matter is matagal na kayong di nag kita o nung high school pa o elementary... pag true friends talaga, kahit ilang years pa ang lumipas, hindi talaga nagbabago ang samahan! Laging FUN! :D

    xx, Channie

  2. True to life! :) Hehe, super enjoy padin sila kasama, siguro totoo nga na old friends bring out the child in you <3 :) Thanks for dropping by ze blog, Channie!

  3. I think the most wonderful gift your friend received from you was the bonding itself which will forever remain good memories to your friendship.

    Belated Happy Birthday to your friend.

  4. <3 Thank you thank you Krizzia. I love my friends to death! :)

  5. We were supposed to go to GH(last Monday rin)just to taste HL's teas at dahil sabaw kausap blockmates ko, nakarating kami ng Trinoma. :)) Bubble Tea or Happy Lemon?


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