Lost my contacts...Need your numbers! :)

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I lost almost all contacts in my phone book huhuhu, crayola! Please please please message me on FB/Twitter/Text me my blogger friends, former classmates, former kaschool, my dearest Anagon Collection buyers, family, acquaintances, lovers, high school kabarx, college kabasagan, kababata, kabazaar, busmates, neighbors, etcetera etcetera!!! Ava, Honey, lahat kayo wala na akong number niyo, haha! :P :((( PLEASE, I still use the same number! :D Thank youuu!!!

Reason for losing my contacts: First time to trade my phone!!! Hahahaha. :P What is impulsive!?? Got myself a Blackberry awhile ago in Greenhills. Kahit mawala pa ang contacts sa phone, crycry... gow padin ako sa pagbili (good deal siya, I tell you, di makaka no!)! Looking at the photo above, naseseparation anxiety ako kay Noks (name of my E63, haha)...But I love my new BB8900 (na red din naman, haha. Habol ko yun BB Social!)... I'll miss you Noks! RIP! You've been a Bumble Bee to me for around 2 years din!!!! (Remember when Noks almost drowned in Universal Studios Singapore! ?? :P)

The new Bumble Bee!
Meet BB, hahaha (ang orig ko mag name noh, pinagiisipan talaga yan, hahaha)..
There! Again, message me your numbers! :))) GEW! :D


  1. THANK YOU!!! :D <3 Hihihi! :D Kala ko lahat maka white na ngayon hehe :D

  2. Ooh, I want a red BB too! Maybe that's why i'd been thrashing my old BB Curve about lately. hahahaha

  3. Paano na ang blog mo for Nokia(Ovi) users? Hehe. Welcome to BB world!

  4. Emz: Hahaha omg, i guess in a few months I want a new phone nanaman, people! never contented with their gadgets! hahaha :D

    Mae: hahaha omg onga noh! :D Wah!!! :D


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