Sometimes the basher--este critic--can be right

Woke up this morning with a fine mood, with Sunday morning rain is pouring automatically playing in my built-in stereo (bongga ng stereo ko noh, hehe). Then I got a message from a dear friend leading me to a blog ala "fashion police" which, napakaswerte nga naman, naisama ako sa criniticize ang outfit (sarap pa naman ng gising ko, tse). Para makapang asar lang (chos), here is the outfit that didn't quite please the taste of our anonymous fashion police:

From the post Elbow Patches

Now, to quote some of the lines from the blog post: (Sorry basag trip sa mga curious hehe, di ko nalang sasabihin yung url here. The blog aims to post mga fashion boo-boos of fellow bloggers, na hindi ko prinopromote. Just love baby, just love. Haha.) 

"'re a girl with curves why cover yourself all bunched up in that sweater? It made you look bigger than you are, covering too much of yourself just made the laid-back-look turn out LOUSY-LOOKING. Show your curves! This outfit of yours totally disappointed me and just showed me a confidence of 0."

 "This isn't me saying that you don't know how to dress, nor write. This is me giving you a slap in the face reminding you to turn on the lights when you get dressed in the morning. The cardigan is beautiful, and i love the vans, but if you add it all together this way, it just DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE.

Unang basa, sakit noh? Harsh lang ang pagkasabipero later on naisip ko, e kung totoo naman. :P Pero in my defense naman, lousy dresser talaga ako at aminado ako dito (kaya nga MK Olsen forever ako). Kasi fat kid talaga ako, I think sakit ko na ata sa utak yun. Feeling ko hanggang ngayon XL padin ako. If you're following my blog for quite some time, never niyo ako makikitaan na naka baby tee o bodycon. Psychological thing, I guess. But now I try to eat and live as healthy as I can na (body love yo!). But to wear fitted outfiteys, pinapractice ko palang yun. Di talaga kaya ng puso ko haha. (read here my weight struggle story as a kid)

As for my balot-na-balot look, other than commuter kasi ako, I also had lots of nakakalurks talagang bastusin moments, one of which I already blogged about here. Kaya as much as possible, pa conservative lang ako. Though, ayun nga, I agree with the "critic" na baka nga naman sobra naman ang balot for this outfitey. Kaya today, para masaya, sinuot ko uli ang pacontroversial cardigan and Keds ko differently, ng hindi na ako masasampal (nyahaha)

Sayang asa labada pa yun red stripes tee ko, nyahahaha, pero anyway, here's the same outfitey, but instead na pants...I wore shorts instead :)

Or better siguro if naka open nalang si cardi:

Tama bang nag blog pa ako? Tama bang nag blog pa siya? Ewan ko. Kakaiba na talaga ngayon ang blogging world. Nung 2005 happy sharing lang talaga itong online journal na ito. Right now madaming opportunities na ang nabibigay nito, pero maraming negative nading kalakip. Scary. Kaya tama din siguro ang ecobag na gamit ko (na by Sarah Tirona na for sale na nga pala sa Anagon Collection, P180 lang! Haha) - There is a special place in hell for fashion bloggers. :P

Hanggang dito na lamang po, at maraming salamat! ;)


  1. pwedeng mapa OMG? nakuuuuhhh! anyways.. that's a first! =)) for the longest time I guess, ngayon lang ako nakabasa ng criticism against you.. pag open to the public naman kasi buhay ganyan talaga!!! CONGRATULATIONS SIS.. YOU'RE OFFICIALLY A CELEBRITY! =)

    just remember its your thing.. its your fashion... =)) and whether you look good or not to others.. you'll always look good in your own eyes... sariling creativity mo yan ehhh =))) and for me.. you always look good. =)

  2. you just made it to my one-of-the-most-admirable-girl-in-wwweb list! it is always an admirable trait for a person to turn any foul criticism into something very constructive and positive!

  3. Shine: Thank you sis! Your comment means a lot to me :) As always, you know how to make me smile :) I hope to see you again someday!!! Davao 2012!!!

  4. Nakow, we love you Ms. Ana! <3

    True-laloo, delikado talaga mag-commute :(

    Deadmahin mo na lang yan si Fashion Police.

    More Power! <3

  5. Aiz Kim: Wow thank you thank you, I really admire you also and these kind words coming from you mean a lot to me! :)

  6. ganan naman ang fasyon-fasyon hahaha! mnsan okay, minsan hindi, pakialam ba? hahaha anyways, kahit tama man siya o hindi is his own opinion pero still, the way he said it... iba eh hahaha! anyways, mukha namang nakaget-over ka na so get-over na rin ako hahaha!

  7. Hey Ana! understanable na maging affected ka syempre. for criticisim to be posted publicly is really eyebrow-raising. Pero yun nga, you can't please everybody. Try mo ipasuot kay Madonna yung damit mo, will it look bad? Sabi nga, it's all about the attitude. Since deep within you alam mong you have insecurities reagding your weight problem (na di ko majustify cos damn girlfriend youre fine!), it must've reflected. Even the hottest celebrities find themselves in not-so-nice ensemble once in a while and agreeing with Shine, ganun talaga kase celebrity ka na NAKS! :) It's about the attitude talaga. I love that you're open to it, that you're finding the positive in this critique, and i love that this did not put you down but uplifted you instead. Keep healthy! Tara let's surf. hahaha hey let's Siargao ok?! hahaha! You'd always be original. XOXO

  8. Sammy: Thank you! Scary talaga, simpleng maxi skirt nga lang takaw pansin na haha :P And thanks! Yup last na to, kelangan lang maiblog to express and vent hehe :) Thanks so much!

    Matt: True! Naisip ko nga, hindi palaging may time to think of your outfitey, hehe, pero siguro dahil pinopost ko sya I have to be more conscious of what I post. :P Lalo now na may Fashion Police na ang local blogs natin :P Though wala naman akong nasasaktang tao, so all is well. :) Thanks Matt for being sooo nice to me a! Hugs!

  9. Reese: Thank you so much! Oo nga e, ang confidence, THAT I have to work on! cant pose to save my life nyahahaha :P Anyway, yes yes i want to surf!!! :D And plan ko mag davao sa march sana if kaya!!! :)

  10. OHMYGOSHHHH! Effort lang sa paghahanap ng faults x___x Love you sis! Chin up! ♥

  11. kanya kanyang style yan kaya nga may sari-sariling blog, kung ayaw mo ng style nung blogger why do you waste time to read it??tsk. curious pa din sya teh kaya ganyan. okay lang sabihin yung opinyon nya pero off kasi yung pag ka sabi nya. eh kung ma sampal sya ng 674 na followers mo?haha. It's a sign that you are very blessed Ana. wapakels na dyan basta ako I love your style. :D ♥

    ♥ Maria

  12. Some people have nothing better left to do but bash other bloggers. Like you said, dapat puro love lang! ;)

  13. Krissy: Nakakatakot kasi blog sya, meaning, more to come for the fashion bloggers! :P Sana hindi siya umunlad (sorry Lord for putting a curse on others, haha) Love you forever sis!

    Maria: Thank you! Oo nga e, kung may motto man ako, walang basagan ng trip! :) Hehehe, thank you sa love forever ha...:)

    Meryl: True, nakakapagod and discourage din a, but then, why stop with all these kung eto talaga ang masaya for us :) Thanks so much a!

  14. Some people just cant accept THE WAY WE DRESS UP.. Kanya kanyang trip yan. eh kung peg mo naman na ganyan ang get up eh.. kalerki naman! You're just being yourself. tama ba ako?! ahaha..

    Go Ana! kiber lang yan! Peg pa din kita. Love much!

  15. Friend baka naman nagexpect sya ng unkabogable outfit mo kasi nakita na nya ang iyong billboard? Hahaha love you bully blogger! :)

  16. Joanna: Thank you :)) Medyo nalurks ako, parang gossip girl ang goal hahaha secret blog :P Annyway, THANK YOU! :) Love you too!

  17. Ickay: Benta yung unkabogabells hahaha parang si Vice Ganda ang naiisip ko hahaha :D Miss you Ickay!!!! :)

  18. Nacurious tuloy ako sa url ng fashion police na yan.. :)


  19. Kaye: hahaha aww wag ganyan, di good vibes yan ;)

  20. curious din ako sa url na yan..kagandahan ba yan? kung makapag comment ha... slap in the face her ass! hmp!

  21. The thing about them "fashion police" is that we all have different styles! What's be stylish to one person could be so baduy to another and v.v. To be honest, your first outfit was pretty normal but not totally baduy (at least to me).

    Masakit nga yung ibang words but I think your critic isn't totally a bad person since he/she's telling you to show your curves (compliment abt curves?) Baka naniniwala lang siya kay Machiavelli "the end justifies the means". Go good vibes!

  22. Hi ana!

    Smile :) There is no right and wrong about fashion dba? kanya kanyang personality lang yan.

    We are entitled to our own opinion. Kaya so happy you just looked at the positive side of it :)


  23. I think that's BULLSH*T, I'm sorry. I hate people who bash others for their outfits (fashion sense in general), mostly because it is a purely personal thing. We all have our opinions, sure. We like some things and dislike others. FINE. But to post it in a public forum is unacceptable to me. If you don't like something, just leave it and move on. Simple lang naman diba? Kaya super nagustuhan ko 'tong recent post ni Madeline about this very topic (aesthetic critique). Read read! :D

    And when all is said and done, Ana... your outfit ROCKS. I find that it is actually well styled and looks great on you. Plus you look happy and comfortable in it - and at the end of the day, that's really all that matters, isn't it? <3

  24. Okay lang yan! You shouldn't let them get the better of you. We all have our own opinions and sila lang ang naghahanap ng sarili nilang away :D And grabe kaya pag commuter! Kahit naka pants and shirt and jacket na nga ako kung anu-ano pang nangyayari eh! Oh well, ganyan talaga! Move on na :) At least friend mo ang nagsabi di ba? And does dressing up always equate to flattering yourself to others? Di naman di ba? Minsan nga I dress up for the sole reason of not attracting anybody. Hahaha ang haba na ng comment ko. Basta chill lang! :D

    Almira :)

  25. whatever sa "fashion police" na yan.. I still love your style :)

  26. Fahion is a way of expressing yourself. Every person is entitled to dress whatever the hell they want to dress in. To each his own, as they say. I'm so proud you handled this debacle in a professional manner, Ana. ;)

  27. Ika nga sa GG, 'you're nothing until you're being talked about'. Naku! May kanya kanya namang identity eh. Insecure lang yun. I still believe in comfort fashion.

    More power ate Ana. :) Godbless! <3


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