"What must it be like to be one of the most famous women on earth?"

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Marilyn: Shall I be her?
Colin Clark: Who?
Marilyn: Marilyn!

(from My Week with Marilyn)


My new peg! How I love her style! After getting addicted to the Roaring 50s, how timing naman that I get to catch the movie My Week with Marilyn last week. I've always been a Mary Kate and Boho fan--but because of this 50s Hollywood darling, I've come to appreciate curves and, well, good-fitting clothes! :D


What I wore awhile ago, aka my attempt to be Marilyn:

 Polka dots thick headband - Anagon Collection
White Polo with Bow - Baguio Ukay
Black Cigarette Pants - Human
Belt - Dad's
Red Flats - Parisian
Bag - D&B
Shades - Lulu Castagnette
Watch - SM Accessories
Monroe Red Nails - Beauty and Butter

If only I can be so carefree and fun in pictures and poses! :D Di lang talaga kaya ng puso ko! Lol.

She made the blouse-pants combo sooo glam!

Michelle Williams as Marilyn-- If only I can pose like her! Haha!


 Acting incognito in busy Serendra, lol. 

"I guess I'll settle for what I am." - Marilyn Monroe


  1. I've been in love with Marilyn Monroe for years now! She is so gorgeous and I love her comedic dumb blonde roles in movies. I've watched some of her movies and I love hearing her sing. Wah, can't stop talking about Monroe :P

  2. Achieve na achieve ang Marilyn Monroe, babe! :) Bet ko tong outfit na to for you! :) Miss youuu!


  3. Gellie: I LOVE HER! inspiring pala niya! i love her voice din parang snow white hehe! :)

    Arnie: miss you also! hahaha thank you yehey!


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