Finding meaning in this yearly "tradition"

Thursday, April 05, 2012

taken with my diana lomo cam, circa 2008 :)

These days I feel like going to church every Sundays or praying the rosary with my family or paying Holy Week too much respect (that I won't go out for gimmicks) make me the unconventional one. Lots of people had already told me "asa relationship naman yun with the Lord" and that that is the most important thing. I know that this is the most important, but for me lang naman, I feel that doing what is important doesn't mean doing what is enough. Sabihin na nating it's like marinating meat, but not cooking it. Haha! Parang may kulang!

This is me saying I am doing all these not because I am mabait, I am doing these initiatives (though not required) because I need them. God wouldn't gain anything from these extra efforts (because He is everything!). So attending mass and other religious efforts (oh yeah EFFORT talaga!) are things you will actually do for yourself.

I respect people who wouldn't eat this and that on Holy Weeks, or abstain from doing certain activities as their sacrifice, but I also respect people who would prefer going on a vacation--Though this doesn't mean I am about to do these. Maybe that's what they needed.

I know hindi lang dapat pag Holy Week ang ganito, but at least I want to find meaning from this religious holiday observed by millions. I actually feel lucky to have religious (and spiritual) parents who don't demand us to become one, their actions make me rethink mine, and a little nudging from time to time wouldn't hurt.

May I always have this spiritual hunger so I may have growth. I don't want to have "just to get by" prayers, and become stagnant "okay na to" soul.

Have a meaningful Holy Week guys!


  1. I share the same sentiments :) Have a blessed Holy Week sis! See you soon! ♥

    1. Thank you sis! :) See you REAL soon birthday girl!!! :)


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