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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sabi ni Sarah, lakas maka-Drew Barrymore ng look ko today, hahaha! Just trying to enjoy the rainy commutes with the right shoes, a cover-up, and a pretty dress with daises! :) 

Meanwhile, starting today, The Killers soundtrip nato! Naalala ko pa a few years ago when the band cancelled their concert dito sa Manila--super disappointing! And now finally, next week, they're really coming na! Talagang talaga!!! :D

The Soundtrip Partners (hehe) - Case Me Store cassette iPhone case to match my The Pop Coloud yellow and orange earphones!

Daisy Dress - Forever 21 | Denim Polo - Next Jeans | Boots - The SM Store
Cassette iPhone Case - Case Me Store | Orange Earphones - Coloud The Pop

....I can't wait to watch the concert---and with the gang pa, yahooo!!! :D 

Earlier, after the Bauhaus event, had the chance to catch up with Pax and Sarah. Namiss ko din tong dalawang to! My clingy girls, haha! (click the link, ultimate throwback nung vid sa post na yan!)

Dahil sa consistent si rain for the past days, I had the excuse to wear my new boots scored from The SM Store for only P800! :D Ang tapang tapang ko niyan sa puddles kanina, hehehe. 

Ended the day with a dinner date with my GF! Cronuts and love from us, to you! :p Lol!

...AND! A BIG thank you to SM Accessories, we will also be giving away a pair of THE KILLERS Upper A tickets! Woot!

1) Follow this blog and my Twitter.
2) Follow SM Accessories: Facebook | Twitter
3) Tweet: WIN: 2 THE KILLERS Upper A Tickets here: @anagon
4) Comment below with your full name, email, link of your tweet, and why you deserve the tickets! :) (Just 1 to 3 sentences will do! :))

GOOD LUCK!!!! :D Excited nako makikanta nito!!! :p See you!


  1. my feet look weird in the bauhaus photo :P yesterday was fun noh? just like old times, bitin lang :)

  2. hello! what brand in sm store is your shoes? i wannnt <3

    1. Parisian ata mismo, no brands na nakatatak! :D Nice noh! :)

    2. i waaaant~ ill check it out this week. thanks anagon!
      btw do you have ano, fans day? i wanna meet youuuu haha befriend ye know not the stalker type :p

    3. Hahahaha hi C! :)Naku wala pa sa ngayon! ;) But thank you a!!! :D See you around!

  3. Full Name: Judecen Ivy Torres
    Twitter: @ivytorres18

    Hi!:) I believe I deserve the tickets because I've realized concert experiences are the best investments. It can never compare the joy of being in a place surrounded by people who loves the same music as you. It's a treasure that'll never grow old, worn out, steal, borrow, or get broken unlike material things :)

  4. Rogielle delos SantosSeptember 17, 2013 at 1:43 PM

    Rogielle delos Santos

    I deserve to win the tickets because I've been to a concert (circuit fest 2013) just once and that was "bitin" :) :) I super love the experience and even enjoyed the aura! Hope to win ;)

  5. kristine june bautista
    twitter @kjsbautista

    I deserve to win for this would be a wonderful experience and an anniv treat to my boyfriend :)
    Keeping my hopes UP!

  6. Kristine June Bautista
    twitter @kjsbautista

    I deserve to win for i would be an experience to cherish for and also an anniv treat for me and my fiance:) Hoping to Win!

  7. Jay Lyreen J. Garces

    I deserve to win simply because I'll be giving this to my father as my advance birthday gift this coming October 5 para naman makapagdate sila ni mother after their sabay na confinement last week. :)

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  9. Juana Catbagan

    I deserve to win The Killers tickets because I've been dying to see them when I became a fan during my highscool years, shuck 13y/o p ata ako. Now that I'm 22, which is talagang talaga na pupunta na sila dito... I think kelangan i-push to. :)) Memorized ko pa din lahat ng lyrics and of course their new album Battle born tour di papahuli, I love it. I love BRANDON FLOWERS!! Huhu. Bibili ako ng bouquet of flowers for you and for him if I win this :))

  10. Geraldine Fajardo

    , i deserve to win coz it will be my Bday and i still dont know how to celebrate it :(
    .The Killers is what im waiting for :3 since i dont have enough money i tried my luck here *finger crossed* wish to win...
    My favorite song is MR.Brightside ..i can relate to that song :'(

  11. Iris Castillo

    Well, I really want to win because I wanna hear Mr. Brightside in person. Yey! It would be a kill performance. :)

  12. ana monica ayungao

    my dad is a HUGE fan of the killers, and I want to treat him <3 *yiiee*
    when it comes to fangirl-ing,he's very supportive to me! he always allows me to go and make me feel that being a fangirl is the best!! BUT NOW, I want to return the favor and make him feel the same way as I did.. *lol xx* haha :))

  13. Miriam Ravelo

    Because I've been a fan of the Killers since i was 13 and getting an opportunity to witness this group of incredible artists would be the most ethereal thing on the planet! Their music is like no other and seeing them perform live (my fav band!!!!!) would be amazing to say the least :D thank you for holding this contest! <3

  14. Kara Amanda C. Macadangdang

    I deserve to win the tickets because I know that it'll be one heck of a concert and I really want to hear them live!! Please please!! :))

  15. Jawaher Banico

    Ang tagal ko nang tigang pagdating sa musika at wala pang "amazing" na nangyayari sakin for the second half of 2013. Sana ito na yon! I'm so ready to rock with The Killers!!! *cue music Mr. Brightside* ;p

  16. Merlina Palencia

    I deserve to win tickets to see The Killers because like you, gusto ko din makikanta ng pinaka-favorite kong kanta nila: Human! Great minds like the same music, right? :)

  17. Katrine Lao

    I deserve to win because I am waiting for this moment to come! I think I'm gonna faint if I got to see them LIVE! Thanks to you and SM Accessories for the chance! God Bless! :)

  18. full name: Enchie Fremista
    link of your tweet:
    why you deserve the tickets ?
    - Because i want to experience a Thrill and Epic Concert ! :) Party Party !

  19. Patricia Ysabel De Silos

    I deserve the tickets because my boyfriend is the biggest fan of The Killers! I was already supposed to buy him tickets for our 2nd anniv but his pride got the best of him and said he didn't want to watch anymore. But of course I knew he was lying ;)

  20. Jowell Jay Gadiana

    i deserve to catch this sure-to-be-epic show because i love them so much they're one of a kind the way they perform on stage. and the way they look. i am always interested to see what brandon flowers is wearing he's a bit of a fashion icon, and everything looks good on him, he just oozes star quality! they are great songwriters and got awesome lyrics. a lot of artist come and go very quickly the killers just are'nt that kind of band. so please i wanna sing my hearts out to they're new album battle born! make my wish come true

  21. Mharviola Salvador

    I deserve to win the tix bec I love them! Haven't been to any concert this year and have to see this one. People were raving about their performance on F1 SG. Now that they're going here in MNL, I gotta see them live! :D

  22. Minerhiza Dela cruz

    First time ko makanuod ng concert if ever. Haha! Pulubi lang. :) Thanks for this, Ana! :)

  23. Minerhiza Dela cruz

    First time ko makanuod ng concert if ever. haha. Pulubi lang. :)) Thanks for this giveaway, Ana! :)

  24. Lou Sushmita Mae BernardinoSeptember 22, 2013 at 11:05 PM

    Lou Sushmita Mae E. Bernardino

    I deserve to win because I wanna be the next victim!

  25. Jeanette Lucas

    I deserve to win these tickets because I am a huge fan and would love to see them perform live on stage!

  26. Gio Adolfo A. Riva

    I deserve to win simply because I've been a fan of the band since their very first album, Hot Fuss. A lot of their songs have become my anthems because of how soulful they are. Also, I'm a huge audiophile. Nothing's better than hearing a band like The Killers live and on-stage. That experience would double with a friend, of course. :D

  27. Loraine Martella V. Conejos

    I have to win tickets to see The Killers because
    I'm coming out of my cage
    And I've been doing just fine
    Gotta gotta be down
    Because I want it all!!!

    I need to see Mr. Brightside live! :D

  28. Paula Romana Alagao

    I deserve to win the two tickets because I fell in love when I first listened to Brandon Flower's voice, got gaga with Mr. Brightside and I totally freaked out when I heard that they were going to have a concert here! :)

  29. Name: Katrina Tan
    Twitter: @KtanCnp

    For the longest time, I've been limited to downloading concert videos and buying their DVD covers because money has always been tight. Ticket prices usually range from 3k and above if you wanted to get decent seats. This is a change to see them live for the first time without worrying about money, and hopefully that makes it deserving enough

  30. Pwede bang magcomment dito kahit hindi sa giveaway? HAHA. Ang ganda ng outfit mo sis! Bagay yung denim polo sa dress tas boots (ang ganda ng boots, btw) pa. BAGAY!!


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