Throwback#1: BU6

Monday, January 06, 2014

Woohoo! It's Sunday, 9:35 pm palang here in Maryland, Day 2 of just staying in our Tito's house and feeling ko maca-Cabin Fever nanaman ako. :p No subways or buses accessible here, so wala akong magagawa plus it's super cold! I love the view from this house whenever I eat my lunch or drink coffee (follow me on IG - @anagon!), and all the free time finally allowed me to upload all my US Trip photos on Facebook, but feeling ko on-the-go mode pa ako from getting used to New York's rush and hustle. Can't wait to go outdoors on Tuesday!

Anyway! Since I have time to post non-US related stuff na, habol lang ako ng kwentos from last year (huhu, disgrace! Haha!) na muntik ko nang malimutan. First up, BU6! :D Random pictures....

Thank you J for this photo! Kaisa-isa kong OOTD ata for BU6, haha! Goth boho daw uli ako that day sabi ni Pax....kulang sa tulog so can't help et! ;p Dapat mag kulambo-at-kumot-look muna para maka work ng maayos, haha! ;D
Black Sweater - Zara | Maxi Slit Skirt - Crazy About Maxi | Bag - Suy | Necklace - House of Harlow | Sneakers - Converse 

Before the big day, got several tweet-pics na:
Like this one, when Pax printed a Fashionista Commuter tarp for my stall, huhu thank you! :)

Bongga ng World Bazaar Festival, front page!

MadHouseMNL made me laugh with this Tweet Pic--photo booth props! :p I love my MadTV family for always making me laugh and for making me feel so special! :)

I got there on time (6ish am) for the ingress. Greeted by so much work, coordination... AND THIS:

Overwhelming ingress, grabe hindi ko talaga naging favorite part ang ingress kahit sa other bazaars I attended (hehe). But still, for BU, we were ready for the challenges!

Aside from Green Peace and Habitat for Humanity, we also had a tie-up with Red Cross. All proceeds went to the flood victims, and toys were collected for the kids na they gave nung Christmas. :)

When we opened the doors, WTC guards were sobrang disciplined and strict. Lots of people lined up so moderated ang pag pasok kundi kagulo in our little venue! Sorry sa mga natagalan outside--we tried to maintain order kaya ang tagaaal ng pagpapapasok. :p

As part of our sponsor ETC Channel's contribution to help Yolanda victims, they made bloggers write and post words of encouragement selfie style for their #postforacause project:

Thanks Nato for this photo! :)

With Sarah and Pax, in Sarah's booth! Namimiss ko na sila! I always stay sa area na to pag pagod na ako and gusto ko lang maupo muna or eat. :)

Got these sweet gifts from my favorite readers Monica and Nato, and Tina! < 3 Salamat for your thoughtfulness! :)

I also saw my two students during the bazaar! :) Cool ng style nila noh? But of course! Hehehe. ;)

Time check, almost 4pm and checkout the linessss...

One of my BU6 Power Team member: Yana! Na super busy sa tech requirements. Cute nya noh! ;)

My BU6 Power Team! Thank you and so happy to work with you again Ate Kai, Ate Jen, Arnie, my partner Pax, not in pic si Christine Liwag, Yana, and our photog Patrick Sison. Love you guys! < 3

And this is why I love my MadTV family! The photo booth and tarp paandars!

One of the blockbuster sponsors' booth during the bazaar, Nava!

The Pax and Ana booth, haha! Kamusta Pax ang wreath? ;p Hello din to Pax's Ate and my best yayey ever: Ate Ed! :)

Thanks to our photog Patrick for my booth photo! :)

Interview portion with my partner Pax!

And lastly, thanks to everyone who tagged me on their Twitter / FB / IG / blog posts! :)

Sabi ni Pax pagkauwi na pagkauwi ko, planuhin na kaagad ang BU7! BUfriggn7!!! Ang bilis nga naman, and ang exciting parin! :) Thanks again guys for supporting the fashion bloggers community! < 3 Parang kelan lang nung si Peter Pan pa ako....
Nyahaha! ;D From first BU yan! ;D Cool noh, hahaha!
Photo from my BU1 Power Team Member and my little sis forever Gie! :)

Ok, next throwback posts will be on Manila Hotel and last day in 2GO Travel! ;p 
Happy Monday jan sa inyo! :)


  1. Aww. Kamiss!!! Can't wait for BU7 woohoo!!!

  2. Wow! Thanks Ms. Ana! Hope to see you again :)

  3. Congratulations on BU6 Ana! Looking forward to BU7! xx

  4. @christine: i miss you!!! :)
    @J Thank you for my photo and for supporting BU! :)
    @JL Thank you JL! :) See you soon! :)


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