BORAnagon Part 2

Monday, December 15, 2014

 Wearing CESA one-piece and metallic tatts.

Kelangan kong mag pacing with my blogposts, lalo na days before BU and lipad na ang thoughts ko. Anyway, almost all my blog home works are settled so finally I can go back to my BORAnagon kwentos with these cool chill blogger friends:

We were monitoring Caticlan's weather the whole time, but sadly, this beach trip was rainy. But again, hindi siya naging cause of a BV trip coz we definitely had other things to do in Boracay than just lounge in the sands while sun is up.

The convenience of organized hotels and resorts is that we had a spacious van all to ourselves courtesy of Crown Regency Hotel from the Kalibo airport going to the ferry. It was a few hour drive din, so it's cool to be comfortable with the byahe. Cute nila kuya, hehe!

Ferry ride, also provided by Crown Regency:

We were booked in Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center, the hotel's branch located in Station 2. It was my first time there, and although medyo malayo siya sa beach front, it came as a surprise that they have these slides inside the hotel! Dito palang okay ka na! 

Lobby Lounge, view of the pool and the cool slide (slide talaga ang highlight, hehe)

I was assigned to this room with Pax, and we're located near the slide!!! Woot! Sabi namin one time pag tamad na kami mag stairs, mag slide nalang kami hehehe. Prone sa baha ang room though, but when we called for assistance the Crown Regency staff abruptly accommodated naman our clean-up requests.

Restroom has separate bathtub and shower area, may time nga na kayang sabay na kami ni Pax naliligo, lol! Both with hot-cold water options.

Our comfortable hotel beds! Grabe, the sheets and pillows made us oversleep, and also these are big enough to actually accommodate 2 more people!

Marking our territories, hehe:

Nice veranda area for smokers, with a view of those swimming hehehe:

Also a place you can accommodate friends pag may invaders bisita, hehehe:

The usual! Self-timer photos with my roomie Paxieness! :D

Again, the downside with the Convention is that to me it is far from beachfront (or siguro sanay lang ako na pag labas ng hotel, sand na agad!). But the upside is that everything's there na. So if you want some peace and quiet while in Boracay, I greatly recommend this place. They even have a 24 hours convenience store Price Lite where they sell EVERYTHING that you'll need or think of needing! Bought vitamins, bottles of water, and even Korean ice cream and Cheetos here. They also have basic beach needs, toiletries, etc.

Wondering why it's called a convention!? They have lots of function rooms! This is perfect for big groups that fly to Boracay for their trainings, team building, or workshops and business seminars. Rooms are spacious, and even expandable it can fit up to 1200pax. Kung may Boracay Bloggers United, dito ko ihohold yun! Hehe!

Breakfast buffet, I like the congee and the fried potatoes:

Fabulous Fifties Cafe, a cute themed restaurant / bar. They also have live bands here at night, sayang hindi na namin to naavail.

Had one dinner at the Wang Shan Lo Chinese Restaurant. They have the usual century egg, buchi, noodles, fish and chicken dishes, and a shabu-shabu station:

We also had dinner in Crown Regency Hotel Beach Front, their Station 3 branch which I think is more conveniently located if habol mo Boracay's beach. They served a lot of seafoods and fruits, and live band played din that night.

Since andun nadin naman, we walked to Station 2, had crepes, bottles of beer, bought a laser light from a tireless vendor (cool naman). We also watched the sobrang entertaining fire dancers (benta yung Let It Go with throwing of sand! ;D), had "test tattoos" with Tracy in our little Henna Party (P100 each), and then they had balut and I had more drinks before ending this night.

Sorry medyo sabog ang Boracay posts ko, na-OOC ako na hindi by day! Haha! Anyway, read more on our Air Asia Flight and Crown Regency Resorts and Convention Activities. To be continued...

For more info and updates, visit Crown Regency Hotels Website, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter @crown_regency, and Instagram @crownregencyhotels.

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