TaiwAnagon Day 5

Monday, December 01, 2014

Finally down to my last post / last day in Taiwan! So sad that hindi pa ito mauulit anytime soon, till February, unless by some miracle I'll have another out-of-country trip! WAH!

Anyway, the last day started in Mister Donut in the MRT nearest our place (Ximending). We had donuts and coffee, and also planned to get our pasalubong here for the family (yup, ganun namin siya nagustuhan! Haha).

MRT ride to our first destination, more temples and cultural sites in Taiwan. Had to stress how impressed I am sa cute sneakers and sneaker heads culture in this country. I can commute here forever!

Also, rode a bus (numbered) going to the National Palace Museum. Medyo context clues and labanan sa Chinese language:

Located in Shilin Taipei, the National Palace Museum houses a permanent collection of Chinese imperial artifacts and artworks. The collection is one of the largest in the world, sagad to the bones with interesting Chinese history. 

Outside, although raining, you'll see the beautiful walk and garden going to the museum (where I had my bridge OOTD, hehe). Because of time constraints and kaantukan, we didn't pay na for the 200+ entrance fee, but instead roamed around the open sites nalang. Next time, I'll make sure to check out the antiques, calligraphy, painting, and rare books inside.

Walked back to the MRT station, for our final stop: the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall.

Ang cool na even the MRT station of Chiang Kai Shek designed to look like the Chinese temples.

The Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall is located in Zhongzheng District, and is surrounded by parks, the National Theater, and the National Concert Hall. Meron din siyang Memorial Hall Square - super lawak na area where people take their photos:

Arch, also known as the Gate of Great Piety, located faaar front of the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall:

The almost-identical National Theater and National Concert Hall, with beautiful green gardens na ang sarap i-OOTDhan! HAHA. 

Blue and octagonal roof to symbolize the number 8 (good fortune, abundance)... Each 89-nakakaexercise-step going to the hall represents Chiang Kai Shek's age when he died. Super interesting trivia! Anyway, didn't get to visit the entire place, but they also have a library and museum on China and Taiwan's history, and Chiang's life. But we saw the large smiling statue of Chiang Kai Shek located inside:

Witnessed the guard mounting ceremony:

One final MRT ride, and my stomach was twirling na from pre-sepanx feels. :p

While getting our Easy Pass refunds, saw this cool paandar in the MRT: "remembrance stamps"!

We had our lunch in our area - The Pasta Bar - so we can allot time pa for final walk-around, pasalubong shopping, food trip, and finally, empake. HUHUHU.

Cute salt and pepper lovers:

Final destination: kahit busog na, there is always room for dessert! Taiwan is indeed a great place for food trip, nalimutan kong may Boracay trip ako and actually, I don't care! I only get to visit a country once or twice, and of course gusto ko din siyang imaximize by going all-out. Lalo na sa kainan!

Ano ba to? Haha! Saw lots of these corn-lookalike fruits (or veg?) on display in Taiwan markets!

The shaved ice dessert place we chose is an underground indie place, na vandals ang choice of wallpaper:

Kahit aircon at menu nila di pinalampas! 

Ang sarap nga! Super pino ng ice, parang milk na finreeze saka shinave! Shared the mango treat with my ate slash travel buddy! :) 

Because we are siblings, it's an easy-going trip, which I like coz walang inhibitions pag kapatid mo naman ang kasama mo. ALTHOUGH! Wala ding preno kaya we do argued lots of times during the trip! In a way, okay nadin coz direchuhan kami pag "bat parang wala ka nang gana!?" Or "Anong gagawin natin dito!?" or "Papicture / paborrown muna ng money" -moments na. HAHA! I guess it's safe to say that the best travel buddy is a person you can be honest and totally be yourself with, good or extremely topak bad man to. 

Ipon-ipon na muna uli! Till JAPANagon! :D

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