Japanagon: NARA

Saturday, April 18, 2015

On our 4th day in Japan, it was our first time to go outside Osaka for a side trip to its neighbor city: Nara. We rode this train (Kintetsu Nara Line from Namba Station), which of course arrived on time.

In less than an hour, HELLO NARA! From the train station, we just walked and walked and followed where most of the people were heading. My Ate said that our main agenda is to go to the Nara Deer Park, and she heard that it is walkable naman.

And then, we saw these! Later on we learned that there are several Deer Biscuit vendors scattered all over this huge park. Isa siyang attraction!

Ate bought a pack, and the habulan began! ;p Ang wild nila and sobrang foodie, hahaha, kahit mineral water ni Ate kinuha and gusto kainin!

Ayaw nila sa akin coz I don't have food, hehehe.

Selfie! But no ang attention ni Bambi sa pagkain padin, hahaha.

Saw this sign later on, yikes! Okay, papakabait na ako! :p

I got curious why they removed the deer horns / antlers, and even felt bad for them at first. I later on learned that deers have the tendency to fight and hurt each other, OR when annoyed they also push people with their heads... Like what they did with Ate na sobrang kulit din kasi, haha! Oh dear deers!!! Pasalamat ka wala na silang antlers!!!

Warning: Deers crossing!
On the other side are more deers and an even HUGE park!

Disturbing the sleeping deer, hehehe. Buti pa siya chill!

Hi Baby Bambi!

More more food daw please! :p

Lake, nature, deer. :) I felt I'm a Disney Princess! Haha!

Thirsty Deer:

I think we just spent HOURS feeding and playing with the deers, taking photos, and running around. We walked further, and saw this nice house that turned out to be a nifty Japanese tea place. We went inside because I was sooo hungry na, and lunch time nadin pala. Also, napagod ako kela Bambi!

I had tea and mochi with red beans... Na super super soft ang sarap! :p Huhu!

Other than the Nara Deer Park, what is even more interesting about Nara is that thirteen hundred years ago it was the imperial capital or the first permanent capital of Japan. The orig, in short! Thus, you can still see the beautiful "Old Japan" feels in this city, which I really really like. Nara also received a whopping EIGHT Unesco World Heritage Sites recognitions, keeping Japan's cultural legacy alive. We walked around to check out the nearby shrines and temples.

Several souvenir shops with lots of deer merchandise from chocolates to purse to keychains, hehe ang cute!

One of our first sakura sightings... Cherry blossom trees, but not yet in full bloom:

Nara is a small city, so it's a perfect side trip if you're already in Osaka or Kyoto. For a day or 2, you can already tour the city highlights. When we went there, sobrang tirik na tirik ang araw but the air is nice and cool. It was short and simple, but I really enjoyed our relaxing day here.


  1. This reminded me of that Hayao Miyazaki movie that I want you to watch! Yung Princess Mononoke. May majestic deer-like character doon.


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