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Thursday, September 01, 2016

And the ball keeps on rolling for Avon's year-long 130th anniversary celebration! Presenting: Beautiful Escape, a collection of three vibrant and exhilarating fragrance mists that will inspire you to live life to the fullest, and tick of adventures on your bucket list!

Representing this fragrance trio is young TV and movie actress Yassi Pressman.

"If you're like me, a young woman with a passion for collecting memories and a serious case of wanderlust, then you'll love all three of these fragrance mists," she shares.

"Not only are they light and refreshing, they're reminiscent of every girl's dream destinations. I say we should live life to the fullest, seize every moment, and seize these spritzes!" she added.

Here are the three scents from Beautiful Escape by Avon:

Embrace the city chaos with Beautiful Escape Chic in the City Fragrance Mist (Only P199 from August 16-30, 2016; Regular Price 299). It’s like a bouquet of sweet and pleasingly tangy fruits that blossoms into a heart of fine and caressing florals, sealed with a kiss of stunningly warm musk.

Dance to the calming whiff of Beautiful Escape Green Tranquility Fragrance Mist (Only P199 from August 16-30, 2016; Regular Price 299). A light refreshing breeze of various berry sensations, it has a heart that thrives on the blossoming floral mix of jasmine, mimosa, and violet, then rests on a blissful woody base. 

Make waves with Beautiful Escape Pleasing Paradise Fragrance Mist (Only P199 from August 16-30, 2016; Regular Price 299). Fill your lungs with a burst of citrusy freshness that gracefully blends into a heartwarming combination of tropical and velvety floral mists, then settles into a sweet and woody base. 

Avon Beautiful Escape Fragrance Mists are available starting August 16, 2016. To order, contact your Avon Representative (or, order online at to enjoy convenient online shopping and free shipping straight to your doorstep.

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