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Thursday, September 01, 2016

These past days I've been working on a new project, a brand called SIMPLE, or my big comeback in the whole online selling community. I am super nervous, but I also missed this! There are different people to thank, more so, people to give credit to for inspiring me to continue what I love doing.

I'd say, achieving one's GOALS is not gender-based, nor does it rely on one's weight or age. These are just external factors, you've got to work hard for it! These are just some of the women that inspire me with their burning passion in their own fields: The Strong, Phenomenal Women!

1) Millie Bobby Brown

I always say that you are never to old to achieve your dreams, but in Millie Bobby Brown's case... You are never too young!

Millie, or more known as Eleven, is the young star of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. She recently went to the AsiaPop Comicon ManilaAccording to my sisters, people went to the event for her! She's a very smart girl, with an unexplainable presence!

2) Plump Pinays Stacy and Danah

The women who imbibed in me that "Fat is not a bad word", these twins are making waves in the online world with their body positive articles! Just recently, they also launched The Big Fat Book of Self Love, another medium that will spread their advocacy to more people.

Will definitely get a copy!

And lastly, 3) Cassie Umali and Mina Calupitan

These athletes show to us that their male-dominated choice of sports can also be achieved by women! Cassie is a sportscaster and TV host, while Mina is a Senior Coach and Athlete for Crossfit Manila South, a special education pre-school teacher, and a coach for young children!

And they are both players of the Philippine National Team Rugby Team!

Here's to a world where age, weight, and gender do not define a person! Watch this video of Cassie and Mina and be inspired!

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