OOTDs with Huawei P9

Friday, September 02, 2016

It's been a while since I last made a blog post on my OOTDs. My blog friends and I talked about this a few weeks ago (hi Pax, Trice, and Ava!), and I realized that although nawawalan ako ng sasabin every time I post my outfit on my blog hehehe -- I actually suddenly missed it! This is "old school" fashion blogging, back during the time when people still exchange links and multiple comments on each other's blogs. There was no Instagram yet!

Anyway, a month ago I received the new Huawei P9 - dubbed as the ULTIMATE camera phone because of its collaboration with Leica. I like the convenience of having everything in one gadget! It's hard for me to juggle too many things, I sometimes tend to leave one of them or minsan nahuhulog ko pa, huhu! 

The moment I received my P9, I immediately unboxed it so I can put its camera to test! My first #NoFilter post on Instagram:

Sharing some of my other shots (OOTDs, food, selfies, and more!) below. All photo with just minor brightness / contrast / sharpen editing, and no filter!

Round 1!

Actually, I ended the OOTD blogging streak when I was lost for words every time I post one, since they are pretty much self-explanatory -- nothing too fancy or spectacular. I settled to just 'gramming them. 

But since the purpose of this blog post is to old school fashion blogging (hehe), I'll start with: For this day, I was wearing double-denim outfit just because I got them the day before and was excited to wear them! 

It's not an obvious pairing, especially when I am standing and the polo dress covers the denim pants. But it's a comfortable outfit for a meeting, so all good! And as always, you will never go wrong with a pop of color!

The outfit breakdown, hehe:

Denim Polo Dress and Denim Culottes Fringe Pants - SM Woman | Mandals - Birkenstock | Red Two-Way Origami Bag - SM Accessories | Sunnies and Watch - Komono (Available in GRND Glorietta 5) | Photo - @paultheprguy

Outfit details:

Thanks for taking my outfit photos through the years, friends! Hello to Pax and Paul! :)

Yummy! First time to dine in Fowlbread in High Street, their garlic noodles is gooood!

We headed back to Makati via Paul's car (just like the old times!), and it was super traffic in Ayala. Thus, the sunset photo! It was a nice delay on the road before we said our goodbyes. 

Round 2!

For my second OOTD, I decided to wear my new "sukajan" from Stradivarius. 

There's a quote-unquote to the word Sukajan because this one is just Stradivarius' copy of the original ones from Japan. I learned from reading online that Sukajan, or the Japanese Souvenir Jacket, came from American soldiers during the World War II. 

During post-war, before heading back home, American troops had Japanese designs (dragons, sakura, geisha) embroidered in the backs of their jackets as "souvenir" from their time in Japan. I read that some jackets were actually made from salvaged military parachutes! 

So it's the DREAM for me to own an authentic one! They are very expensive (some cost around Php 20,000!), but also very rich in culture and history. You can buy your authentic Sukajan online via I am actually proud that one of the owners of this shop is a friend (hi Kaila!). :)

Anyway, so even the styling for this OOTD is Japan-inspired, specifically, inspired by the cool kids of Takeshita, Harajuku: 

The Details:

Jacket - Stradivarius | Adidas Shirt - Collab with Topshop | Skirt and Socks - GU | Sneackers - Converse | Red Two-Way Origami Bag - SM Accessories | Photo - @ruthilicious

Wore this outfit during Uniqlo's Fall/Winter 2016 preview. 

Ended the day with my favorite couple Trice and Seph. We had dinner in Manam (Watermelon Sinigang!!!).

And checked out the sale pieces around Greenbelt. Power Komono watches photo! Hehehe:

Round 3!

For a little twist on my OOTD blog post, I'll also share my blog friends' outfits. I think that I am greatly inspired by the combination of the looks of the people I always hangout with!  

Pax is proud of her vintage style, but I actually think she's A+ with her layering and matching skills! Plus, her whole outfit in this picture were bought in ukay-ukay!

 Tracy, also a stylist like Pax, is very experimental with the trends. She's wearing all-Singapore pieces from her recent trip! I like the all-nude look, but I am most probably more in love that everything's baggy! My kind of style // No-to-body-con, HEHEHE!

I envy Ava's body type because to me, it's the easiest na bihisan with my kind of style! She is also a fan of flats and culottes, both of which I am digging right now! Very Korean style, plus all the colors!

Lastly, was able to shoot more photos of Sarah because we stayed outdoors while waiting for our orders. I will always be a fan of Sarah's "contrast" style - pairing a girly dress with sneakers:

New Balance forever! I missed my pairs which I sold na during BU, haha! They are timeless sneakers, and the comfiest pa!

Pastels perfection! I like this photo, with the bokeh background! Can't believe it's taken with a camera phone!

We ended the day having dinner in Ooma (my first time), and extended our chikahan in Dean and Deluca over coffee and cakes. Very tita style! 

 It was a tiring but fun day, actually! I missed this! I am glad that though different online platforms have come and go, my long-time blog friends are here to stay. :) 

The Verdict!

I will recommend the Huawei P9 to those who love to take photos not only during travels, but even on day-to-day activities! A blogger will find this gadget as their handy partner in documenting all the food they tried and places they've been to. Make even the most mundane things more interesting with the right angle, lighting, or focus.

As for fashion bloggers, the Huawei P9 will allow you to experiment with its wide camera phone settings, with capabilities of a digital camera! Take clear OOTDs in RAW setting, or focus on the outfit details (and blur everything else). Take portraits with the black-and-white setting! Change the way you see things to create an even more interesting photograph.

In the end, bulky cameras are not necessary, but keeping your eye open to take lots of Instagram-worthy pictures.

For more information on the new Huawei P9, follow them on FACEBOOK, Instagram and Twitter @huaweimobileph.


  1. I MISSED YOUR OOTD BLOG POSTS!!! This can't be dead yet!!! Haha super nice photos with the P9. Ang sharp!

    Hope we get to see each other again soon, big sis! Love you always!

  2. i love professional the photos look.
    the quality is superb.
    and loving the ootds too madame.

    ❤ keyti


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