Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Tour with Insta 360 Nano

Saturday, July 01, 2017

I can't believe that it's already mid 2017!! 😅

Although I am feeling just a bit anxious with how fast time flies, I also feel fulfilment from all the things I was able to accomplish during the first part of the year. First, I was able to catch TWO of my most favorite bands (Coldplay and Goo Goo Dolls) live in concert. And second, I was able to travel out of the country three times in just 6 months (Singapore, Korea Spring, Korea Summer)! Hoping and praying for more to come!

With all these wonderful moments, I am just glad that I am BIG in documenting everything that happens in my life. Before, I just write down all my feels on a diary. But in this day and age of technology, I have my blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram Live to immortalize everything!

Last week, I was able to join Digital Walker's blogger tour at the Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan. I've heard about this place so many times but had no chance to visit because it's too far. Las Casas is usually the venue for photo shoots especially pre-nups because the place is just so picture-perfect--a nice backdrop for all photo ops. When I received the invite for this day-trip, I didn't hesitate at all!

We met up in QC to board the Las Casas coaster. It was an early meet up, and the whole ride will take around 3 hours, so I thought it's the perfect time to catch up on my sleep! The night before hindi ako halos nakatulog with my bad case of insomnia!! 😭

Anyway, before sleeping we had breakfast and we received our Insta360 device to play around with. First step: Download the Insta360 app on our phones.

My first try, haha! 

With the Insta360 device, you can take level-up photos with your iPhone or Android phone.
I like the animated 360 photo that you can upload on Facebook, but another way to share your 360 photo is ala Tiny Planet:

My Insta360 Nano (for iPhones 6 to 7) and Ava's Insta360 Air (for Android). The app will automatically activate once you directly plug your device to your phone.

The Insta360 has real-time image stitching and integrated live-streaming support for Youtube and other platforms; you can share your 360 experiences from the app straight to your Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Messenger. I uploaded some of my shots on my personal FB account! Or you can also save your app photos to your phone so you can use them on your blog, etc. 

After hours of sleep and a few stop-overs, we finally arrived in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. The view is breath-taking!

First order of business: Filipino lunch!

I have no food shots because we were all so hungry, haha! But I have this dining table photo on my Insta360 app:

Balsa Tour

Then, with no time to waste, we proceeded with the day's itinerary. First up: A balsa tour!

Las Casas' balsa tour is a relaxing way to cruise around the compound along the Umangol River, if you want to avoid all the walks!! Recommended if you're going here with the whole family, with your senior citizen parents. It's a good thing hindi din masyado mainit that day, we were able to glimpse the old houses and bridges, while taking Instagram worthy photos!!

Testing my Insta360 Nano while cruising:

It's so sleek and fits my iPhone 7 perfectly:

Insta360 Nano and Air (on Ava's Huawei)

When you have bloggers and vloggers on a tour, expect that they can't easily part with their phones. 😅✌

A cute Tiny Planet photo of me and my balsa-mates:

Our tour guide:
Sharing my balsa tour photos which I took with the Insta360 Nano:

Walking Tour

Las Casas also offers a guided heritage tour so you can enter and learn more about the different houses in the compound. I learned that these mansions were bought, carefully dismantled from their original sites (Bulacan, Quiapo, etc), and then transferred in Sir Acuzar's property here in Bataan to create this beautiful resort. So many stories and details!!

You can even sleep in one of these houses that they converted into hotel rooms and private casas. They have a beach in the compound, so it's a nice vacation spot for families and friends. Check out the rooms and rates in this page.

This is one of the shooting locations for Heneral Luna movie:

Had fun trying different photography perspectives:

Inside one of the houses:

So many OOTD spots! Quotang-quota ako, haha!

And of course, I took lots of Insta360 photos on every house we went in during the heritage tour:

See the details of the ceilings in these selfies:

Indoor photos still look great with Insta360:

Sample outdoor shots, hi Ava! Hehe:

It was super hot that day, but there's no stopping us from maximizing this trip! One of my favorite houses with teal walls and detailed ceiling:

Took Insta360 shot in the middle of the bridge:
At the center of the mansion:

Ava and I ended the trip by going around on our own at our favorite spots in Las Casas, and taking as much OOTDs as we can..Haha! Sayang ang chance! It was already drizzling by that time, but we were so determined to make the most out of that day! 

This is me and my favorite structure in Las Casas: the Hotel de Oriente. It reminds me of the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel!

Thank you Ava for being the best photo walk buddy! ❤

Another angle of this shot with my Insta360, hehe! #CaptureYourReality and share your adventures from every angle!

The Insta360 is available at all Digital Walker stores. SRP: Nano - Php 12,990.00 and Air - Php 6,990.00. For more information, follow Digital Walker on Facebook, and Instagram and Twitter @digitalwalkerph.

A heartfelt thank you to the whole Digital Walker and Bridges PR Team for having me and taking care of the whole group! We had a grand time with you guys! ❤

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