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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Some of the people I look up to are the ones who've been in their industry for a long time. To name a few, there's Coldplay, Drew Barrymore, the Olsen Twins, and so much more. I noticed that they all have one thing in common other than their staying power, and that is their ability to reinvent themselves. 

Coldplay band, though still in the music industry, plays around with different sounds and other types of music such as EDM. It is risky, but because of that they continue to excite me for every new song or album release. Drew Barrymore has been trying out different roles as an actress, and now I admire her as the CEO of a makeup company and a mother of two. Meanwhile, the Olsen Twins started as young actresses, style icons, and now they have their hands on fashion designing. I am a big fan of their brands Elizabeth and James and The Row!

Speaking of keeping up with the times, a local brand comes to mind. I went to New World Hotel a few days ago for the launch of Vida Nutriscience's newest and very innovative product that I've been using for over a month already: the Snow Crystal White Tomato. They also introduced the endorser that fits very well with their brand.

On display are the two products from Snow Crystal White Tomato line, the Skin Whitening Soap and the supplements. This supplement is the first in the country that offers a unique combination of phytofloral derived from Crystal White Tomato and the popular and proven Kohjin Glutathione. 

They are very effective in whitening, anti-aging, and protection from UV rays! That's why they dub the Snow Crystal White Tomato as your "natural sunscreen". You have to try it yourself!

Meanwhile, Snow Crystal White Tomato chose the superstar Marian Rivera-Dantes because of how the actress relates well with the respected brand. Timeless, confident, and has staying power, Marian is very inspiring as a celebrity and as a family woman. During the presscon, she raves about her child Zia, and how life changed when she became a mom. But Marian is nothing but grateful to all the blessings that continue to come her way.

 “Marian’s looks tend to distract us from the fact that she is an extraordinary, multi-faceted woman.  She worked as a psychologist; she is a versatile actress in different genres like drama, action, and comedy; she has also hosted a dance show, a gag show, and a talk show. Now she is a hands-on mother and an ambassador for The Smile Train.  She is fearless, she always has the confidence to reinvent herself and her career, that is why she stays relevant, that is why she is the QUEEN”, says Erick Armigos, President and CEO of Vida Nutriscience.

“At this stage in her career, Marian is a perfect fit for Vida as our company continues to grow and introduce innovations to health and beauty,” concludes Armigos.

Marian Rivera continues to reinvent herself, proving that she's a queen in whatever stage she is in her life. Like this top leading lady in television and cinema, Vida also shows us that through innovation, their brand continues to stay ahead in their line of market. ❤

Outfit: Gray Suite and Pants from Uniqlo, Shirt and Sneakers from Adidas, Bag from Lipault (available in Rustan's)

As for me, from an online accessories shop, I stepped up and now work full time as a blogger. I wouldn't have lasted for more than 10 years in blogging if I did not experiment with my style (I started as a fashion blogger), with different writing styles and topics, played with photography and videos, and even instant blogging through Instagram! If there's one thing to impart in this blog post, it's to keep on moving! Don't be afraid to recreate and keep up with the times, and just be confident that you can do it! 

Snow Crystal White Tomato is available in Mercury Drugstore, Watson’s, and other leading drugstores nationwide.  For more information on Snow Crystal White Tomato, visit or

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