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Some Shooting Locations for Park Seo Joon and Jung Hae In Kdramas

It's a Kdrama fan girl's dream weekend! Two Korean oppas just arrived in Manila a few days ago for their separate fan meetings. Reminiscing the times when I can only go to filming locations to relive some of my favorite shows, ngayon we can actually see these actors in the flesh!

How To Apply For India Visa (Philippine Passport)

To me, India has one of the easiest visas that I acquired, but also one of the most expensive. You basically just have to fill up a form online (no need to go to agencies or embassies), pay via credit card or Paypal, and then wait for an email with your visa in around 4 days. Sobrang bilis lang! I decided to still write this blog post if ever you want to know what to expect before applying.

The Korean 7 Skin Method for Plump & Glowing Skin

Who wouldn’t want clear, glowing, bouncy skin that’s plump with moisture? The kind of radiance that comes from an uber-expensive facial at a five-star salon. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get that look every day? The Korean 7 Skin Method can give you that same look at home… without breaking the bank.

Where I Bought My Autumn-Winter Essentials | Featuring Vlog with Tin of Real Asian Beauty

I recently guested in a vlog for the first time!

Tin of Real Asian Beauty invited me to the Youtube Pop-up Space Manila a few weeks ago so we can talk about our Top 10 Autumn Essentials in her channel. We compared notes prior the shoot date so we don't bring the same things. Aside from heat tech and hot packs, here are the other 10 items that I need during my Autumn-Winter travels.

Autumn Travel Tips | What To Wear, What To Pack, Where To Go, Things To Do

Autumn is coming! Here are some commonly asked questions I get from those traveling during fall season.

It rained for a day during my November Tokyo trip:
Clear skies and mild temperature during the day, November in Sapporo:
What To Wear During Autumn?
I get questions including "malamig na ba ng October", "what to wear in Korea on November", etc. Honestly, I am still confused myself! 
First is because hindi ako lamigin. When I decide to wear full-on wool coat with extra layers of heat tech garnments underneath, then that means MALAMIG NA MALAMIG na talaga nun! Haha! This usually happens when I travel during winter. But for Autumn (October to early November), I can actually still wear my usual midi or maxi skirts! 😅
Secondly, no brainer: weather changes every year! It's so hard to predict if it's going to be super cold this year, although I already traveled on the same place and at the same month a year or 2 ago. It still varies. A tip is to constantly check …

OOTD INSPO: BlackPink Lisa's Airport Outfit + Online Shopping Hacks!

I really love the style of Kpop idols, most especially when it comes to airport fashion. I used to go to the airport in just white polo or white shirt, when I realized that there are more comfortable options that are still stylish! I got a lot of inspo from idols. 
One of the styles that I love is Lisa's of BlackPink, most prob because she's also into streetwear. I am sharing here one of the looks I tried to cop from Lisa, and how you can also achieve the look or at least own a similar piece of clothing of your style icons! Here's how.. 

The SM Store Share Movement: The Gift Of Shoes

Shoes are essential in one’s journey through life. For less fortunate families and their children, a new pair of shoes will allow them to perform their daily chores in comfort and walk to and back to school in safety. Good shoes can also inspire them to work hard – because with a new pair of shoes, they are not only able to fulfill their daily tasks but are also taking little steps to achieve their dreams. 

I Got Myself A Crown! | My Dental Crown Experience: Cost, Procedure, Etc.

I just got myself a crown.. A dental crown! 😁

I found myself constantly in my dental clinic Affinity Dental Makati for the past month to get a Dental Crown procedure. Getting a crown is not an urgent required procedure after a root canal operation, but it is recommended to support and protect the remaining tooth structure, to restore functionality of your tooth, and of course for your dental aesthetics. I never knew I needed it till I finally got it!

You can read more about my Long Overdue Root Canal experience here, or proceed with this blog post for more information on Dental Crowns and if you might need one too!