Back in Mindoro: Travel Requirements, Where To Stay in Puerto Galera, Iraya Mangyan Village

Thursday, March 02, 2023

I can't believe I'll be back in Mindoro in 2 years. My trip in 2021 will hold a special place in my travel-lovin' heart coz it was my first travel assignment since the pandemic. I was able to catch up with friends I haven't seen because of the lockdown, and also made new ones with who I am still in contact with to this day.

Hello Oriental Mindoro, I'm back!

Since it's not my first time traveling to Puerto Galera coming from Metro Manila, I can now say how heading to this beautiful island under Mimaropa region in Luzon is an easy journey. Hindi sya nakakainip, or baka I was always in good company. You don't have to fly or go to a series of transfers to get to this beach destination. It is actually a good summer destination for family, friends, and solo travelers.

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We took this "water taxi" from Berbarabe Port of Batangas City heading to Muelle Port of Oriental Mindoro. Travel time was less than an hour. We were welcomed by dances and friendly smiles at the beautiful Muelle Bay Cultural Heritage Park. It really felt good to be back in Oriental Mindoro.

Thank you always to the helpful kuyas who carried our luggages!

A quick water taxi ride to Puerto Galera

New faces for this trip! DOT reps, travel agencies, and content creators

Compared to my 2021 trip, this year there were no more travel requirements to go to Oriental Mindoro! Thank You Lord! I still get teary every time I realize that we're past the hard times, and the travel industry (an industry so close to my heart) is picking up already. I've prayed for this day to come.

The group also stayed in Casa Marco Suites, where I also stayed before. A recommended accommodation if you're traveling to Puerto Galera. Beachfront, friendly staff, lots of resto and cafe options.. Ang sarap lang tumambay by the beach or in the Cafe Marco when you're at the White Beach.

This time, I was roomies with @ruthdelacruz! Room size is a bit small especially for our luggages, but we still had a comfortable sleep in this hotel

Very useful, travel-ready gifts from DOT Mimaropa, thank you so much! Used everything well during the entire trip!

Toiler and shower of our room at the Casa Marco Suites

After checking in, we went down again at the hotel's restaurant for lunch. Since we're in Mindoro, the group had seafoods for most meals, while I had a yummy plate of kimchi rice for lunch! We had the usual self-introductions, while following each other on social media.

Thank you for the warm Mindoro welcome!

I had this reallyyy cheesy kimchi rice for lunch, ang sarap! :p

The group enjoyed the seafoods served by the hotel restaurant

The group also visited the Iraya Mangyan Village where we watched a demo of the beautiful handicrafts of the Mangyan tribe. When I went here two years ago, there were little to no hand-made products on-display, but this time everything's full-blown and back to normal already. We also had a tour around this community supported by the Ayala Foundation, where we got to know little tidbits and trivia of their lifestyle and culture.

A demo on nito and rattan weaving, creating bags, baskets, and other handicrafts

You can buy these handmade products at the village

They are selling these handicrafts onsite, you can also tour around and learn about their way of life

Punishment for those who commit crimes in the village

We also had a glimpse of the Talipanan Mangyan School inside the village 

View from our van's window on our way back to Casa Marco

When we got back to our hotel, Ruthie and I decided to get mango shakes at the Cafe Marco, which is just across the Casa Marco Suites. It was a pretty chill day, which we both enjoyed and took advantage of.

Motorbikes on display inside the cafe, a premonition of our next day's adventure?

I can imagine spending time here when I have longer vacations in Puerto Galera

A quick beach visit after resting in our room, and just before dinner

Yes, I do!

Back in the resto for dinner with the whole group. This time we had sinigang, salad, java rice, and a few other viands

But honestly, I was still full from our Cheetos break just before sunset, hehe. 

Just our Day 1, and ang dami nang tawanan and catching up with Ruth. Still, we retired early that night to prepare us for the longer days ahead.....

To be continued

Special thanks to DOT-MIMAROPA and Oriental Mindoro Tourism for taking care of us!

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