ORIENTAL MINDORO: Motorbike From Tamaraw Falls to Infinity Farm, Oriental Mindoro Heritage Museum, Twin Panton Cave (Bamboo Slide), South Drive Bulalacao

Friday, March 03, 2023

Our Day 2 in Mindoro was an adventure.

We started the day early, had breakfast at the hotel, checked-out with our luggages, then drove to the Tamaraw Falls in a group van. I was in one van with other content creators, it was so amusing to watch the young ones who's main platform is Tiktok "do their thing". They were dancing to Tiktok trending sounds, which Ruth, Sienna, and I copied while seated at the back of the van.. hehehe hindi papahuli. I think I looked cringey, but it was entertaining and nakakagising, while we were on our way to our first stop.

The Tamaraw Falls is an interesting stop-over that travellers can take in Oriental Mindoro. Be careful of cars, this is a scenic view located along a highway! You can just pass by this Y-shaped waterfalls in Barangay Villaflor while on the road for Puerto Galera tourist sites.

New friends because of Mindoro: @joansfootprints, @bg.visuals, and @hombre_estu on Tiktok

The Tamaraw Falls along Brgy Villaflor

Where did I get this courage?! Decided to join the motor bikers group!

Tamaraw Falls Motorbike to Infinity Farm

As a "go girl", I decided to join our group's motorbike team from Tamaraw Falls heading to the Infinity Farm. I have zero knowledge on riding bikes (huhu, I know!), and haven't tried riding Metro Manila's Angkas or Joyride. Anyway, I just went for it for the thrill!

The motorbike team was led by the Oriental Mindoro Motorcycle Riders Club. They have different professions, but have common passion for the big bikes. The ride was long and took about an hour, but it was also comfortable and relaxing. I guess the beautiful nature scenery made a difference, while the rain added to the adventure. 

From Tamaraw Falls to Infinity Farm.. Rain or Shine!

Thank you Oriental Mindoro Motorcycle Riders Club for the fun and safe ride!

Infinity Farm 

Not my first time at the Infinity Farm, but I loved being back in this relaxing location in Baco, Oriental Mindoro. I really wanted to stay here longer. 

We had a quick snack of pansit and buko juice, before taking a walk. The group was pressed with time, but we can't leave the Infinity Farm without a little exploration. The resort offers a series of waterfalls surrounded by greeneries, the perfect backdrop for relaxing, swimming, taking photos, or a hike. 

Visit their website for more information:

Long table of refreshments after the 45-minute motorcycle ride

Others swam a bit, while Ruthie and I just took pictures

Just a short walk and you'll find beautiful cascading falls everywhere

We stopped in this area, before heading back to the entrance to meet the group

Read about my first time at the Infinity Farm here:

Oriental Mindoro Heritage Museum

Adding a good variety to our adventure-filled itinerary was a visit at the Oriental Mindoro Heritage Museum. The perfect stop to just chill, and at the same time discover a bit more about Oriental Mindoro's history and culture. We also had our lunch here, and checked out the souvenir shop by the entrance.

The Oriental Mindoro Heritage Museum was built at the Old Provincial Capitol of Oriental Mindoro, where an abandoned Spanish fortress stands. They preserved the fortress height so goers can still picture how the "Cal-kuta" looked like. I'd say the whole museum is also very thought-out, inspired by the theme "MAHAL TANA" to highlight icons of Oriental Mindoro: MAngyon, HALcon, TAmaraw, and NAujan Lake.

They said that the museum's fortress height was preserved so goers can picture how the old structure looked like

Highly appreciate the guided tour so we learn more from the visit!

The museum is very clean and looks quite new

Saw our group photo from the musuem's FB page!

Visit their Facebook page:

Twin Panton Cave (Bamboo Slide)

Final stop for the day before heading to our next hotel was at the Twin Panton Cave. I've also been here in 2021, and have seen so many new things since that last visit! I remember how we enjoyed the bamboo slide during this stop, but the most memorable for me were the people manning the attraction. They were very nice and passionate. I really root for this place to improve and finally go on the radar for tourists!

Choose your adventure! My friends and I decided to pass on the cave, and went for the bamboo slide

Passed by this new "floating boat" photo zone on our way to the slide

There's also a stress wall where you can throw a bottle to release your stress starting at Php 5 only

The epic bamboo slide!

Ruth and I went together, it was scarier this time as it doesn't have the foam wall to stop the bamboo cart. But our "Panton Cave Mom" was waiting for us at the end of the ride! 😄

Favorite meal for this trip! I just love Filipino rice cakes so much, and they served us a lot of variety!

Visit their Facebook page:

South Drive, Bulalacao

And finally, after a long drive from the Twin Panton Cave in Malubay, Gloria, it was already night time when we reached the South Drive Beach Resort in Bulalacao where we had dinner and spend the night.

The room assigned to us has three huge beds, very spacious even with our huge luggages. Ideal accommodation for families or group of friends. In the morning when we were about to leave, I realized that just outside our rooms is a nice view of the beach.

We had dinner and breakfast at the South Drive Beach Resort's restaurant

Everyone's quiet during dinner time, relishing the delicious Filipino food after a long day 

Was roommate with Ruthie again, and this time Joanne so we were able to get to know her better too!

Typical toilet and bath in local resorts. Hot shower is a bit slow, and has no hooks to hang clothes

Ang ganda pala niya sa umaga!

Sadly, we only stayed here for a night

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